Something small you would like added in the game.

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User Info: Blade_Braver

4 years ago#41
TaigaWilliam posted...
Total HUD control- I want to be able to have just my crosshairs for a range character to go mostly HUDless. I don't want to have to lose all of my character status bars and my crosshairs to not have my compass.

Jumping attacks
More clothing options
More uses for the many, many different types of alcohol

From: theonyxphoenix | #010
play musical instruments


You could busk for cash, getting more for being in a well traveled area and playing well. Then the bards guild could teach you new songs and play with you and the adventure quests could involve getting lost or legendary instruments or songs. Followers could have different skill levels with different instruments for playing with you while busking.

This is getting to be a big idea now, though. =\

This sounds like it would be a fun diversion from the serious overtones throughout the game.
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User Info: The_Ivory_Man

4 years ago#42
If you are 100% sure Redguards are the master race copy and paste this into your signature

User Info: bi9meezy

4 years ago#43
Funerals for dead citizens

User Info: Rannek17

4 years ago#44
The ability to take off the upper body portion of your armor to lose 60% of the protection but gain 300% chest hair.

User Info: CrazyLaz

4 years ago#45
The ability to pickpocket equipped items off essential NPCs.

Make all clothing available for purchase.

Add more of the items with unique powers to the disenchant list. (Ghostblade comes to mind. Ignore Armor would be an awesome enchantment if it did more than a lousy 3 points of damage. Or even any of the Shrouded gear, as a disenchantable Muffle item is incredibly rare.)


4 years ago#46
I want destruction spells to look flashier

And heavy/light variations of all armors. So I want light dwarven, orcish, daedric, etc. and heavy elven and glass. But I guess this is a big thing
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User Info: Jhardy12121

4 years ago#47
I wouldn't mind be able to own/run shops. When you have over 100,000 gold you should be able to put it to use somewhere. Subscribe and rate

User Info: Enderiv4

4 years ago#48
im surprised no one mentioned more cooking variety. a whole cooking skill would be neat, but they should have eliminated cooking altogether and left all the veggies and meat to alchemy.
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User Info: zxghostravenxz

4 years ago#49
I want a deathclaw mount instead of a horse.
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User Info: ColonelHawk

4 years ago#50
Disguises, For example, guards shouldn't recognize me if I commit a crime while wearing Nightengale armor then return later in street clothes.
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  3. Something small you would like added in the game.

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