Skyrim Inceptioneded me!

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User Info: advoe

4 years ago#1
Actually, it was Microsoft I think or maybe a Skyrim within a Microsoft level type Inception. They planted the idea of 50% off DLC which made me want the 50% off DLC. When the DLC was not 50% off I still purchased it because I had already purchased it in my mind...because someone planted the idea!

/helpless victim

User Info: the_arisen

4 years ago#2
What you didnt know is that this is still actually still dream and you havent even bought the DLC yet. But you will, and you will actually pay for it twice.

Just wait for the kick
Find what you love and let it kill you - Bukowski

User Info: Cosmic_Diabetic

4 years ago#3
it wasn't true inspiration though therefore it wasn't inception. You were unable to make the idea your own
The bears can smell the menstruation
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