What's up with the oblivion hate?

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User Info: HunterTrainer72

4 years ago#101
Well, to me Oblivion is slightly better than Skyrim.... Slightly. I dunno it seems Skyrim has more freedom.

But my ideal between the two go like this:

Oblivion = Fantasy world, so much fun to see what lurks in the "beyond"

Skyrim = Same fantasy world with a realistic edge. Thats what kills Skyrim for me its just TOO realistic for me man... I love it to death though but it just feels a bit half done compared to all the stuff that Oblivion had you know?
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User Info: capcat123

4 years ago#102
I loved Oblivion despite all the criticism it had
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User Info: gunsndroses

4 years ago#103
The_Viking_Swan posted...
post 100
TO 500!

World at War was the best CoD.

User Info: Epic_McDude

4 years ago#104

-It sucked.

-It sucked.

-It sucked!

That's all you need to know.
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User Info: Nicodaemos

4 years ago#105
From: HunterTrainer72 | Posted: 2/20/2013 8:29:30 PM | #101
Same fantasy world with a realistic edge.

haha oh wow.
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User Info: IronticsDragonL

4 years ago#106
Bardockpwnsjoo posted...
The reason nobody on this board likes Oblivion is because they were unfortunate enough to have to play the Xbox 360 version.

I had the PC version, so basically none of the problems they describe existed in my game for more than one playthrough. Item levelers, XP/Level up system overhaul, werewolf system and transformation, vampire overhauls, graphical overhauls, custom staves, ability to properly enchant staves due to an overhaul mod, access to spell making alters without finishing an entire damn questline.

Yep. PC Master race.

I have the PC Version, thank you very much. My first vanilla playthrough was meh at best, but it's still stupid that goddamn BANDITS had full sets of Daedric Armor, which is rare as hell on Morrowind.
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User Info: Chargrilled

4 years ago#107
I loved oblivion - buying it on all 3 major platforms.

I didnt like everything keveling with you though. So much so that i would stop myself leveling up so i didnt reach cap quickly.

I didnt like the oblivion realm either. Once youd be inside 3 oblivion gates you had pretty much seen every layout available. Boring

Although now skyrim is out. I think oblivion is crap.
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User Info: zerobobo

4 years ago#108
no memorable characters. (no the stupid guy who gets tricked in the dark brotherhood is not a good character shut up). like not even remotely.

the main story was well, dumb. i mean i REALLY appreciated how oblivion, you weren't a super destined ultra powered hero. you were just some dude a guy saw in a super vague vision one time. you weren't blessed by the damn gods, or the reincarnation of some ultra hero. you were just some dude. i LOVED that, but aside f rom that one thing, it was meh. i mean if there is any game where you're a glorified errand boy, its oblivion. you don't even save the day at the end, martin does, you just steal his glory.

oblvion woulda been MUCH better if you played as martin, or bastard child of the emperor. sure it'd lock you into being an imperial. or at least human. but it woulda been so much better and more personal.

also oblivion had SEVERE flaws with its leveling system, and how it handled leveled loot/enemies. to the point where it was almost a bad thing to level up, since at a certain point you'd stop getting more powerful, but the enemies would keep getting more powerful.

DB SPOILERS the thing i hear praised the most about oblivion was the dark brotherhood questline, which honestly made me feel like an idiot. not cus i was tricked. but because i was "tricked" by something i was like "oh, dead drops huh? i bet im following the orders of someone else, this is pretty obviously going to bite me in the ass later". it was a really dumb way to do it, since it made no sense for the earlier missions to be face to face and the later ones to be dead drops. i saw the twist coming from a mile away. it just makes the entier brotherhood look like laughable incompetent idiots. why its praised so much is beyond me.
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User Info: Bigj089

4 years ago#109
silverhunter16 posted...
-Character creation was god awful.

These plus

Leveled enemies

A lot of the dungeons just felt TOO much alike

Terrain, while nice to look at, just didnt have much to it in an exploring fassion

Fewer items you could equip at once

Leveled enemies.

1) Where the leveled enemies so bad that you stated them twice? Also, is it wrong for a game to put you up against a challenging opponent that makes you work for victory instead of going Leroy Jenkins into a crowd of enemies and come out literally unscathed?

2) Skrim's terrain had dirt roads that would lead you to any and all locations if you simply followed them so there was no need to explore, just follow the roads. Oblivion had you actually wander into the wilderness to find some locations that had no direct path to them.

3) Skyrim's equipment options:
Weapon, Shield, 1 ring, 1 necklace, Helmet, Chest Plate, Gloves, Boots

Oblivion's equipment options:
Weapon, Shield, 2 rings, 1 necklace, Helmet, Chest Plate, Greaves, Gloves, Boots

By my count, you can equip 2 additional items in Oblivion than in Skyrim.

4) I consed that you are correct on the dungeons looking to similar but at least they weren't all tied in to some "radiant" quest that would have you explore that dungeon at some point just to retrieve that item vs. dungeons that were just there to be explored and served no hidden purpose.

Anything else?

Yes, they were. You could easily screw yourself over and make enemies too difficult and seeing countless bandits later on wearing full or mostly full daedric and glass armor was pretty off putting. Also I dont see a point in leveling in a game that takes 10 swings from your iron sword at level 1 to kill a goblin and 10 swings from your uber diamond sword of pwning at level 50 to kill a goblin. It just makes me feel like there is no point in leveling.

And Skyrim actually has interesting things off the beaten path that you can explore to find while Oblivion was severely lacking in that regard. I actually go out of my way and explore more in Skyrim than I did in Oblivion because of this and Im still finding a lot of new things 350 hours in.

I was talking about the progression of the series with equipment. Morrowind you could equip a left and right gauntlet, a left and right pauldron, a cuirass, greaves, boots, a helmet, pants, a belt, a shirt, two rings, and a necklace on top of weapons and shields. In my follow up post I even said there were things that Oblivion did better and Skyrim did worse, this was one of those.

And they did that to actually liven up the dungeons in this one which was also something I found very lacking in Oblivion, they made them more unique instead of the same mine or ruin with just a number following it.
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User Info: ToxicLime

4 years ago#110
I honestly liked Oblivion more than Skyrim. It's storyline was much better than, "Oh my god, a dragon wants to destroy the world". And it's atmosphere was outstanding.

The graphics were pretty great for its time too. It was nice to see such a huge game with great graphics. Skyrim didn't give me that same effect. Sure, Skyrim's graphics are much better, but it's expected now.

Oblivion wasn't perfect and there are still some things in Skyrim that I wished Oblivion had. However, I still think it was better.
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