The Elder Scrolls: The Hearthfire Story - Part 2

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User Info: Barry_McLeod

4 years ago#1

I'm back!


Morndas, 11th Morning Star, 4E 202

I awoke to the sound of floorboards creaking. The noises were coming from close by and instinctively, I clutched my dagger and held it close. Turns out it was just Aventus waking us up to give us breakfast. It was only two bits of bread and some pumpkin soup, which was very watery. It was better than nothing though. I headed out alone in the morning and headed to the stone quarter. The stone quarter was the main trade section within Windhelm and there was a blacksmith forge there. After yesterday, I had to replace Storm and sharpen my dagger. I still had my cowl and my leather armor that Aela gave me but I had to get better armor and better equipment if I want Ulfric to take me seriously.

I headed to Oengul War-Anvil's to see what he could do for me. We spoke briefly about equipment and then spoke lengthy about the events going on within Windhelm. His assistant, Hermir Strong-Heart joined in on the conversation. She reminded me a bit of mother, long dark hair and the strong features of a Nord. She seemed fascinated with Ulfric, almost in love with him. He was a big deal over in Windhelm, very famous and well respected. I had lost a little bit of respect after the way he talked to me yesterday. I don't know if I believe in the Stormcloak's cause but I could never side with the Legion. I would be betraying my mother and father if I did that. Oegnul and Hermir were both avid supporters of the Stormcloaks and did everything in their power to ensure their gear was the best quality.

I had only a few gold coins on me but instead I asked if I could buy the materials I would need and use their forge to build my own weapons. They agreed and I got to work using a few ingots of iron and leather strips. I made a few daggers and sharpened them nice and good and sold them back to Oengul and Hermir. They were surprised at how fast I could fashion them and how good the quality of them were. They offered me a job but I politely declined. I could work for them but I want to be an adventurer and still had many things to do in Windhelm.

In total, I had 50 gold coins after selling the daggers and used the money to purchase an ordinary hunting bow. It was boring and I wasn't going to waste a soul gem on enchanting it for soul trapping. But it would do until I found Storm. This time, I will tell the guards who broke into Niranye's house and stole my stuff. I won't kill them. I have to try and be more careful I will end up either rotting in the dungeons or dead.

I met up with Claudjia and Aventus in Candlehearth Hall, the inn at the centre of Windhelm. It is very popular and for good reason. The food is wonderful. We had horker meat between two pieces of bread with fresh lettuce and tomato. It had a special sauce on it made of Netch Jelly. I have never seen or heard of a netch, but it is very delicious. They come from Morrowind apparently.

We ate our meals and began to discuss yesterday's events. We are going to do what the Windhelm guards cannot. We are going to solve this case and get our gear back.

Aventus said that we should start with the richer quarter of Windhelm. That is apparently where the clans of Windhelm live. The daughter of one of the clans was recently murdered in Windhelm and her house, Hjerim, has been abandoned since. Hjerim is also in the richer quarter and we would have to look there as well.

User Info: Barry_McLeod

4 years ago#2
It was up to me and Claudjia. I could sneak better than any of us and I had muffled boots and Claudjia could cast invisibility and as long as she didn't cough, sneeze or laugh, she would be fine. We split up and searched each house. They were all extravagant homes. Beautiful silverware and trinkets that shone of jewels and gold. Each of these houses would have a small fortune of gold and jewels stashed. There would be no need to steal our things. This was obviously not the area to look.

We both finished looking through the houses and ended up at Hjerim. The door was locked very tight and I did not have the skills to pick the lock nor did Claudjia know the spell to unlock the door. It would be unlikely there would be anything of interest in there anyway, the house had been abandoned. We proceeded to the grey quarter and continued to look through each house. We did not find anything of ours in any of the houses. Without stealth, we headed into the shops to begin browsing their wares. I saw a flash of purple in the corner of a store. I inspected it and saw Storm, shining beautifully as the day I first got it. I lifted it up and the clerk rushed over to me.

"Interested in buying this item are we? I just acquired it yesterday."

I asked him where he 'acquired' it and how, to which he claimed that he does not reveal his secrets. This angered me and I think he could see it. So he changed the subject and began talking about price.

"This is a very rare item indeed young lady. It is made from the finest Ebony known to man or mer. Excellent craftsmanship and the beautiful purple aura tells me it has a Soul Trap enchantment attached to it. You should purchase it. It would make a fine family heirloom or trophy to mount in your residence."

"How much?" I asked.

"5000 gold pieces." replied the man.

I was amazed. I had no idea Storm was worth that much. It might not have been but he was just trying to rip me off, I couldn't tell. I began to bargain with him to see how low he would go. We got to 3500 before he agreed to let it go. I told him that I did not have the money right now but I would go and get it.

I came back 10 minutes later with the Windhelm guard. They arrested him and took him to the dungeons. Calixto, his name was, also had a whole bunch of rare and valuable items that were apparently riddled with history. We also found some rather disturbing books about some sort of ritual involving his sister. We handed them to the guard and they read them with their mouths open. Turns out Calixto is the butcher who murdered that poor daughter of the Windhelm clan.

We went and saw the Ulfric again as requested from the guard. When we arrived, Ulfric was in the middle of a feast of sorts. He asked me, Claudjia and Aventus to join him at the table and eat. We were reluctant, particularly Claudjia, but we did as he bade. We began eating, which I had not done since breakfast at Aventus' house.

Ulfric came from behind me and slapped me on the shoulder.

"Hear this ladies and gentlemen!" he exclaimed. "Little Mesildjia here has solved the crime of the butcher with her friends!"

There was an applause in the court and mead being passed around the room.

Ulfric silenced the room and spoke up again. "Because of their contribution to Windhelm, and in particular this case, I have found it befitting to make these children honorary Stormcloaks!"

User Info: Barry_McLeod

4 years ago#3
My eyes lit up. I could not believe it. We weren't full Stormcloaks but it was a start. I jumped up and accepted. Aventus did the same. Claudjia stood up..

"Thank you Jarl Ulfric, but I do not support your cause. I do not accept this position."

Ulfric looked sternly at Claudjia. He sighed deeply and addressed the court.

"I am not surprised that you, an Altmer, would not believe in our cause to rid your kind from within Skyrim and to emancipate us from the White Gold Concordat. Very well girl. I admire your courage for addressing me in the manner you have. I would like for you to leave now girl. I would not put it beyond the Legion or the Altmeri Dominion to use a mere child as a spy."

Claudjia left without saying a word. I went after her and caught up with her at the front door. She turned to me with a tear in the corner of her eye.

"He's wrong. You shouldn't be a Stormcloak. They're selfish and they are just going to cause more wars and deaths than they will cause any good. I have to get out of this city. I'm going to Solitude."

"You'll die Claudjia! It is days away and you're not ready. Let me escort you there at least..."

"No. You're a Stormcloak now. We should part ways and meet again in the future. Hopefully we won't meet on the battlefield and this nonsense will be over within the year."

I let her go. I can't believe I let her go. What could I do? Her mind was made up. I went back into the court, alone.

"Mesildjia!" Ulfric yelled when I got back in. "Come and join us! Tomorrow we take Whiterun. We must celebrate our victory!"

"But you haven't won Whiterun yet..."

The court erupted with laughter. I felt my cheeks go red as if there was an inside joke that I didn't know about.

"Dear girl, do you honestly think that we could lose this battle? No. Tomorrow we will ride into victory. Nothing the legion can throw at us will surprise us. And they will definitely not best us on the battlefield. We have the strongest men on our side. Men are stronger than mer. Nords are the strongest of all men. We are unbeatable!"

Everybody was on their feet applauding Ulfric. He really knew how to rally the troops.

"And girl, we have a special assignment for you."

I was intrigued. A minute ago, he declared it low to use a child as a spy. I was no woman yet. What could he have for me to do?

"Come and see me in the morning. I will explain your mission then."

I bowed and left the court, Aventus close behind. We headed off to Aventus' house. I told him what Claudjia said and we both sat in his lounge room. Silent. We remained that way for the rest of the night and I used the chance to update my journal. I am to see Ulfric first thing in the morning so I think I need my rest. I can't imagine what he would have me do, but he has an assignment for me and as an honorary Stormcloak, it is my duty to fulfill.

User Info: batman996

4 years ago#4
God, I remember this! :D
"People, especially children, are inherently evil."
~ game_wiz101

User Info: Barry_McLeod

4 years ago#5
batman996 posted...
God, I remember this! :D

I got over Skyrim for a bit but I'm back into it and RPing as Mesildjia in my game.

User Info: CoronelLink

4 years ago#6

Good to have you back and writing. :D
No givesies backsies!!
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