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User Info: theonyxphoenix

4 years ago#1
Here is information collected from useful threads all in one place. Please don't post until the end. Credits include in no particular order: jammymacster, IamI3rian, Xydru, Rayzorium, obishawn, Nanaya27, Cast_Supremacy, casimirney, LordTrinen, Rampagingwalrus, Lockeadon, masterpug53, LiqiudusSnake, ashtardevo, and many other contributors and testers. This is a collaborative community effort.


- 010 Fortify Restoration
- 020 Follower/Transformation
- 030 Vampire Lord/Werewolf Hybrid
- 040 Oghma Infinium
- 050 Invisible Merchant Chests
- 060 Item Duplication
- 070 Resetting Merchant Inventory

- 110 Optimizing the Process
- 120 Leveling your Crafting Skills
- 130 How Smithing Works
- 140 Enchanting per Perk/ Per Level

- 210 Weapon Damage
- 220 Unarmed Damage
- 230 Reaching the Armor Cap
- 240 Shields and Blocking

[300] MAGE
- 310 Magicka Resistance and Absorption
- 320 Dealing Magic Damage
- 330 Reducing Spell Cost

[400] THIEF
- 410 How Stealth Works
- 420 Trading, Fortify Speechcraft, and Fortify Barter

- 510 Magicka Regeneration
- 520 Health Regeneration
- 530 Stamina Regeneration

- 610 Shout Locations Guide
- 620 Shouts and Perk Interactions
- 630 Eliminating Shout Cooldown

- 710 Hearthfire Alchemists' Handbook
- 720 Reader Achievement List
- 730 Good Equipment Obtainable Early
- 740 Fast Travel Guide
- 750 Necromage Perk Interactions

[800]Useful Links

- 010 Fortify Restoration
Whenever a fortify restoration potion is consumed prior to equipping an enchanted piece of equipment, or activating some abilities, the potion increases the potency of the enchantment for as long as it is equipped. This is powerful when combined with Fortify Alchemy enchants. Drink a potion and then equip your alchemy enchants. Make another, more powerful, restoration potion. Repeat. Each time potency increases. You can then create Fortify Smithing potions of +X%, Enchantment potions of +X% (which allows you to enchant permanent and powerful fortify alchemy gear).

- 020 Follower/Transformation
With this exploit you can stack multiple pieces and gain the benefits from all of them. This allows you to stack for 100% magicka cost reduction, heavy gauntlets to benefit from Fists of Steel and increase unarmed damage, Amulets of Talos for shout cooldown reduction, etc. You need Vampire Lord or Beast Form/Ring of Hircine power equipped and have a follower that will allow you to use the "I need to trade some things with you" option and who won't become hostile when you transform. Face your follower and initiate dialogue with A and simultaneously activate your transformation with RB. When the transformation completes you can equip any number of items by choosing the "I need to trade some things with you" option, going to your inventory, and using RT to equip the item. Not all of the items will appear on your character but you will still feel the effects (and weight). Falmer Helmets or Penitus Oculatus Helmets can stack with circlets without transforming or a follower. If you use the glitch while a Vampire Lord, you can remove the inherent armor (Vampire Lord Armor) and enchant it. It is invisible, weightless, and stacks with normal armor. It will disappear, though, if in your inventory when you use Vampire Lord form again.

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Testing: Werewolf/Follower Glitch; Armor usable with Mage Armor and hidden +25 armor/pc; Augment Ring of Necromancy

User Info: theonyxphoenix

4 years ago#2
- 030 Vampire Lord/Werewolf Hybrid
Have both Vampire Lord and Beast Form powers. Spoilers ahead. Get Serana as a follower and she must be able to transform you in to a Vampire Lord. Complete the Companions quest until "The Silver Hand". Press A to drink the blood and simultaneously begin your VL transformation with RB. You will appear outside of the Underforge and finish the transformation. Select "Revert". Immediately have Serana turn you back in to a vampire. If done correctly (the timing is quite strict) you will have both powers. You will also possess unique attributes as a "Stage 0" hybrid. You will have no vampire weaknesses, but you will also not have many of the inherent vampire abilities. Necromage works and you will look like a vampire. When you use Beast Form you will lose Necromage effects and will look like a non-vampire. You switch between these two states each time you transform. If you feed as a vampire (not during VL or WW form) you become a normal vampire and can never again return to "Stage 0".

- 040 Oghma Infinium
Quickly gain levels by increasing skills with the Oghma Infinium. You must have a player-owned house with a bookcase. First select the bookshelf. Choose to read the book with RT from within the menu. Select a category and gain the boost. Place the book on the shelf with A. Retrieve the book from the shelf without reading it. Repeat. The Oghma cannot be obtained until level 15 but can be obtained relatively easily. If you are wanting to power level use this method:

- when you exit Helgen travel a bit NW to a bandit camp and grab the wooden plate.
- Travel to Riften and speak to Ungrien in the Riften Black-Briar Meadery and you can enter a speech loop (your Speech must be 25 or greater. Use blessing of Dibella or Gift of Charity). Grind speech and level to 15.
- Travel N of Winterhold to Septimus' outpost to start the quest.
- Skip Blackreach by traveling to the Tower of Mzark (head N from Whiterun to the giant camp and then a little NW to the tower. Tag Halted Stream Camp on the way. You'll be coming here soon.)
- Drop the wooden plate and then pick it up (not to your inventory).
- Position it flat in front of you and run directly at the gate. (youtube for visual)
- Transcribe the Lexicon and return to Septimus for the blood extractor
- Fast travel to Halted Stream Camp and you obtain all but the Falmer Blood
- E of the Tower of Mzark is Duskglow Crevice where you can encounter a single Falmer to harvest.
- Return to Septimus for the Oghma Infinium.

- 050 Invisible Merchant Chests
You can loot, for free, all of the items from a merchant if you can find their hidden storage which the game uses as the store inventory. There are few invisible chests and they can be found here:

- Dawnstar Chest...
- Markarth Chest...
- Solitude Chest...

- 060 Item Duplication
Duplicate any item you can drop. Find a door that triggers a loading screen and a follower you can instruct to pick up items. Drop the items and order the follower to pick them up. After they collect the items exit and reenter. Some (or most) of the items should be on the floor for you to collect. You can then retrieve their duplicates from your follower's.

- 070 Resetting a Merchant's Inventory
If you are looking for a particular item from a merchant that they don't carry you can reset their inventory. Save your game. Attack the merchant to make them hostile. Reload your save. This will reset their gold and inventory.

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Testing: Werewolf/Follower Glitch; Armor usable with Mage Armor and hidden +25 armor/pc; Augment Ring of Necromancy

User Info: theonyxphoenix

4 years ago#3

- 110 Optimizing the Process

This method to achieves the highest legitimate values for your enchantments and potions:
This requires access to all of the latest patches and DLC
(Numbers in parenthesis reflect a player Vampire with the Necromage Perk)

1. You must have 100 in all relevant skills as well as Grand Soul Gems for Enchanting.
2. It requires 5/5 in Enchanting, 5/5 in Alchemist, as well as the Physician and Benefactor perks.
3. Enable Ahzidal's Genius (equip exactly 4 pieces of Ahzidal's Gear)
4. Enable Seeker of Sorcery (available from the Sallow Regent Black Book)
5. Drink an Enchanter's Elixir (fortify Enchantment 25%)
6. Enchant helm, necklace, gauntlets, and ring with Fortify Alchemy 38%
7. Enable Seeker of Shadows (Sallow Regent) and your Alchemy gear.
8. This allows for +38% (45%) Enchanting Potions or +150% (178%) Smithing Potions

38% Enchanting Potions allow for enchantment values of:

Fortify Alchemy, Barter, Heavy Armor, Light Armor, Resist Magic, Smithing...34%(38%)
Fortify Archery, Block, Lockpicking, 1-Handed, Pickpocket, Sneak, 2-Handed..56%(63%)
Fortify Health, Magicka, Magicka Regen, Stamina.............................87p(97p)
Regenerate Health, Regenerate Stamina, Resist Magic.........................27%(31%)
Fortify Unarmed Damage......................................................17p(19p)
Resist Fire, Frost, Poision, Shock, Fortify Carry Weight....................52%(58%)
Fortify Alteration, Conjuration, Destruction, Illusion, Restoration.........34%(38%)
Fortify [Spell School] + Magicka Regen 10%..................................21%(24%)

*Glitching with equipment stacking including Vampire Lord armor and Falmer/Penitus
Helmets, fortify restoration, etc. obviously can increase the values much higher.

Apply the same process to smithing
(Crafted as a Necromage Vampire; Includes Ancient Knowledge)

1. Use the above process to make Fortify Smithing Gear +34%(38%)
2. Make and +150%(178%) Smithing Potion
3. Enable Seeker of Might (Sallow Regent)
4. This results in increases of +42(+81) armor/piece or +91(+181)/piece for perked items.
5. With 5/5 in the relevant armor skill you can almost reach the armor cap with one piece.

- 120 Leveling your Crafting Skills

Alchemy, Enchanting, and Smithing can be some of the most tedious skills to level but there are easier and quicker ways to reach 100 in these skills. You will want to use the appropriate standing stone (Warrior, Mage, Thief) and have Lover's Comfort active. If you have the Aetherial Crown you can speed up the process by placing the Lover's Stone on the crown. Remove the crown and then rest to obtain the Lover's Comfort bonus. Then re-equip the crown to gain both effects.


Here are a few of the better strategies for obtaining alchemy ingredients. These provide a high return while using plentiful and easily obtained ingredients.

Salmon Roe + Garlic
Salmon Roe can be found in the White River
Garlic can be found in nearly every home and Inn

Blue Mountain Flower + Blue Butterfly Wing
BMF 28 BBW 13 around Sleeping Tree Camp (Whiterun Hold)
BMF 26 BBW 11 around the Whiterun Imperial Camp (Whiterun Hold)
BMF 25 BBW 10 around Autumnshade Clearing (The Rift)
BMF 20 BBW 14 around Broken Fang Cave (Whiterun Hold)

Deathbell + River Betty
DB 30 RB 30 around the Apprentice Stone (Hjaalmarch)
DB 09 RB 22 around the Abandoned Shack (Hjaalmarch)
DB 31 RB 12 around Folgunthur (Hjaalmarch)

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Testing: Werewolf/Follower Glitch; Armor usable with Mage Armor and hidden +25 armor/pc; Augment Ring of Necromancy

User Info: theonyxphoenix

4 years ago#4
Canis Root + Swamp Fungal Pod
CR 24 SFP 13 around Folgunthur (Hjaalmarch)
CR 20 SFP 26 around the Apprentice Stone (Hjaalmarch)
CR 19 SPF 36 around Movarth's Lair (Hjaalmarch)

Blue Dartwing + Orange Dartwing
Blue Dartwings and Orange Dartwings spawn together
30 around the Apprentice Stone (Hjaalmarch)
22 around the Abandoned Shack (Hjaalmarch)
22 around the Wreck of the Winter War (Winterhold)
17 around Goldenglow Estate (The Rift)
15 around Geirmund's Hall (The Rift)
15 around Robber's Gorge (Hjaalmarch)
15 around Solitude Sawmill (Haafingar)
14 around Gloomreach (The Reach)

Many of these combinations can be grown/hatched in your Hearthfire Hjaalmarch home. A must for anyone wanting to level alchemy quickly.


The most valuable enchantments (in descending order) are: Banish, Paralyze, Absorb Health, Turn Undead (tie) Damage Stamina. You will need a supply of weapons to enchant as well as a supply of soul gems for the process. If you haven't leveled smithing (and have a surplus of Dwarven Bows) then you can purchase all of the iron ingots and leather strips from the four weapons merchants in Whiterun. Travel to the College of Winterhold at night and speak to the merchants there and buy all of the filled petty soul gems you can afford. Sell them back to the merchants and repeat the process.


Obtain iron from Halted Stream Camp and Transmute into Gold or from Kolskeggr Mine in the reach. Both yield around 50 Ingots.It takes 632 gold ingots to reach level 100 (or 517 if you have a good supply of gems).

Otherwise you can head to Nchuand-Zel under Markarth which has around 390 ingots worth of dwemer materials or Mzulft which has around 472. Look for Dwarven Metal Ingots, Bent Dwemer Scrap Metal, Large Decorative Dwemer Struts, Large Dwemer Plate Metal, Large Dwemer Struts, Small Dwemer Plate Metal, and Solid Dwemer Metal. These can be smelted. You will need around 675 Dwarven Ingots and 225 ore to reach 100 in smithing. Smith 225 bows and improve them on a grindstone. You cannot carry all of the metal so you will need a follower. Order them to pick up items and they can exceed their max carry weight.

After level 15 you can obtain the Ancient Knowledge active effect from the Unfathomable Depths quest for slightly faster leveling.

- 130 How Smithing Works
Looking to protect yourself or deal some damage?

Smithing enchantments and potions work to increase your base skill level. The list below shows what smithing skill value is required to reach each tier of improvement and what bonus are applied to the weapon/armor. For example if you have 87 skill and a 37% enchantment you will 119 skill (87*1.37).

Level..Skill with perk: Skill without Perk / +Base Weapon Dmg -- + Armor

Fine........: 14 : 14 / +01 -- +2
Superior....: 22 : 31 / +03 -- +6
Exquisite...: 40 : 65 / +05 -- +10
Flawless....: 57 : 100/ +06 -- +13
Epic........: 74 : 134/ +08 -- +17
Legendary...: 91 : 168/ +10 -- +20
Legendary2..: 108 : 203/ +12 -- +24
Legendary3..: 125 : 237/ +14 -- +28
Legendary4..: 143 : 271/ +15 -- +31
Legendary5..: 160 : 305/ +17 -- +35
Legendary6..: 177 : 339/ +19 -- +38
Legendary7..: 194/ +21 -- +42
Legendary8..: 211/ +23 -- +46
Legendary9..: 228/ +24 -- +49
Legendary10 : 246/ +26 -- +53
Legendary11 : 263/ +28 -- +56
Legendary12 : 280/ +30 -- +60
Legendary13 : 297/ +32 -- +64
Legendary14 : 314/ +33 -- +67
Legendary15 : 331/ +35 -- +71

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User Info: theonyxphoenix

4 years ago#5
- 140 Enchantments Values Per Perk/ Per Level
I go to my death victorious, for I have done what no other enchanter in modern times has done.- Brarilu Theran

With a Grand Soul Gem
(x1.01) with Ahzidal's Genius
(x1.02) with Seeker of Sorcery
(x1.16) with Enchanter's Elixir factored last
(x1.25) Equipped value for Necromage Vampire
Max#Equips:Base:100 Enchanting:Enchanter 1/5:2/5:3/5:4/5:5/5___Purchased Value at level 01:08:16:24:32:40:48

Additional multiplier: Insightful Enchanter (x1.25)
(4)Heavy Armor.....08:10:12:14:16:18:20___12:15:17:20:22:25:25
(4)Light Armor.....08:10:12:14:16:18:20___12:15:17:20:22:25:25

Additional Multiplier: Corpus Enchanter (x1.25)
(4)Regen Magicka...20:25:30:35:40:45:50___00:00:20:30:40:50:50
(3)Regen Health....10:12:15:17:20:22:25___00:00:20:30:40:50:50
(3)Regen Stamina...10:12:15:17:20:22:25___00:00:20:30:40:50:50
(2)Fortify Unarmed.05:06:07:08:10:11:12___Not purchasable

*Fire, Frost, or Storm Enchanter (x1.25)
(4)Disease.........25:31:37:43:50:56:62___Level 10- 50%, Level 20- 100%
(3)Magic**.........10:12:15:17:20:22:25___Not purchasable
(4)Poison..........15:18:22:26:30:33:37___Level 5- 50%, Level 15- 100%

**enchantment unique to the Shield of Solitude; Both magic resist enchants can be on the same item

(4)Carry Weight........15:18:22:26:30:33:37___See below
(4)Fortify School......08:10:12:14:16:18:20___12:15:17:20:22:25:25
(1)F.School/Regen 10%..05:06:07:08:10:11:12___See below
(1)Muffle.................... -n/a-........___Levels 11- 100%
(3)Waterbreathing............ -n/a-........___Level 1- 100%

Purchased Fortify Carry Enchantments
Level 1:25...4:30...6:35...17:40...30:45...47:50

Purchased Fortify School/Regen Enchantments
Level 01:12%/50%....Level 08:15%/50....Level 10:15%/075....Level 16:17%/50.
Level 20:17%/100....Level 24:20%/50....Level 30:20%/125....Level 32:22%/50
Level 40:22%/150....Level 40:25%/50


There are two of these enchantments so it can be applied twice

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User Info: theonyxphoenix

4 years ago#6
Silent Moon*.......10:24:30:34:40:44:50

*Silent Moon is bugged and has no effect.

with Fire, Frost, Shock Enchanter + Augment Perks

Damage Stamina is affected by Fire Enchanter and Augment Fire

Turn Undead........10:24:30:34:40:44:50

Paralyze...........02:04:06:06:08:08:10___Appears after level 14
Soul Trap..........04:08:12:12:16:16:20
Fiery Soul.........05:12:14:16:20:22:24


- 210 Weapon Damage

- (base damage + smithing increase) * (1 + 0.5 * skill/100) * (1 + (.2 x perk) * (1 + Enchantment Bonus/100)
- Swing speed (melee) and Draw speed (archery) also contribute to overall damage per second.
- Froki's Bow, Auriel's Bow, Bound Bow, Zephyr, and Dragonbone Bow fire faster allowing for more dmg/sec.
- Dragonbone and Daedric have a more power and provide higher dmg/shot (more efficient for sneak attacks).
- Bound Sword and Axe, can't be tempered and rely on Fortify Enchantments to do comparable damage.
- Higher material weapons are an aesthetic perference. The difference between a Skyforge Steel Sword and a Daedric Sword is always only 9 damage.
- Fortify Marksman potions affect all weapon damage. Canis Root allows for double effective Fortify One Handed/Fortify Marksman Potions.

- 220 Unarmed Damage

Without using exploits, and using the crafting template, the maximum damage you can achieve is:

- 95 Vampire Necromage Khajiit
- 80 Vampire Necromage Argonian
- 77 Normal Khajiit
- 74 Vampire Necromage Other
- 65 Normal Argonian
- 59 Normal Other

Khajiit (With template)
Base (Argonian: 10, other races: 4)..10
Khajiit (other races: 0).............12(15)
Daedric Gloves with Fists of Steel...18(22)
Fortify Unarmed Gauntlet Enchantment 17(23)
Ring of the Beast....................20(25)

If you don't use Ring of the Beast then a Fortify Unarmed Ring will be -2 damage less.

You can also use the follower/equip glitch to stack enchanted gear, or (with Fists of Steel), multiple heavy armor gauntlets will stack.

- When attacking unarmed, moving the analog stick in different directions quickly can result in up to 3 attacks per swing, greatly increasing DPS.
- If you equip two staves and remove the deequip the left hand staff it can result in allowing your left hand unarmed attacks to deal damage with no attack animation. This allows for rapid multiple attacks. This can also be done by equipping a staff in the right hand and a spell in the left, charging the spell, and deequipping it via the favorites menu

- 230 Reaching the Armor Cap

With Enchanting, Smithing, and Armor perks it is extremely easy to hit the armor cap with any armor. Enchanting is required to hit the cap with armors that do not benefit from smithing perks. Perk requirements can be reduced by 1-2 by using flesh spells, by 1 when using the Lord Stone, and by 1 when equipping a shield. The basic smithing template is:

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User Info: Curved_Sw0rd

4 years ago#7
tl; dr

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User Info: theonyxphoenix

4 years ago#8
100 Smithing, 100 Armor Skill, Ancient Knowledge, Blacksmith's Elixir

Some other armor sets will require other factors to hit the armor cap and they are noted.

100 Enchanting, x4 Fortify Smithing 25% Items
Material: (Full Set Base) Smithing Perks:Armor Perks: Well/Custom Fit: Matching Set:Enchanting Perks(5/5, Insightful):Total Perks

Ancient Shrouded..(72) 0:2:Y:Y:7:11
Fur...............(46) 0:3:Y:Y:6:11
Guild Master......(76) 0:2:Y:Y:7:11
Hide..............(40) 0:4:Y:Y:6:12
Leather/Forsworn. (52) 0:3:Y:Y:6:11
Linwe.............(69) 0:2:Y:Y:7:11
Nightingale.......(69) 0:2:Y:Y:7:11
Old Gods..........(50) 0:3:Y:Y:7:12
Shrouded..........(58) 0:3:Y:Y:7:12
R. Vampire Set....(45) 3:5:N:N:2:10 (No matching helm, Fortify Smithing Enchants 12%)
Vampire Set.......(40) 3:5:N:N:2:10 (No matching helm, Fortify Smithing Enchants 12%)
Thieves' Guild....(60) 0:3:Y:Y:7:12

Steel.............(96) 1:3:Y:N:0:5
Dwarven..........(104) 2:2:Y:N:0:5 (566)
Elven.............(79) 2:3:Y:N:0:6
Orcish...........(120) 3:2:Y:N:0:6
Glass............(103) 4:1:Y:Y:0:7
Ebony............(128) 4:1:Y:N:0:6 (555)
Daedric..........(144) 5:1:Y:N:0:7
Ancient Falmer....(94) 2:1:Y:Y:0:5 (+ Elven Helm & Shield)

Dawnguard.........(61) 3:2:Y:Y:0:7 (593)
H.Dawnguard.......(78) 3:1:Y:Y:0:6 (558)
Hardened Falmer...(78) 3:1:Y:Y:0:6 (558)
Heavy Falmer......(96) 3:1:Y:Y:0:6 (611), (- Matching Set, 524)

Stahlrim.........(102) 4:1:Y:Y:Y:0:8
Light Stahlrim....(77) 4:2:Y:Y:N:0:8
Bonemold..........(73) 1:2:Y:Y:Y:0:6
Improved Bonemold.(79) 1:2:Y:Y:Y:0:6
Light Chitin......(59) 2:3:Y:Y:N:0:7
Heavy Chitin......(87) 2:2:Y:Y:Y:0:7 (538 -1 Juggernaut)

Daedric. 0:5:Y:Y:8 (558 or 470 w/no shield)
Glass....0:5:Y:Y:7 (438 or 372 w/no shield)

* Daedric needs an extra perk because of Tower of Strength.
Daedric items are made with the Atronach Forge and include Ebony Boots.
The Daedric Boots produced by the forge are unwearable.


Some pieces of armor do not interfere with the Mage Armor perks.
They are unaffected by armor perks but are boosted by armor skill.


- Diadem of the Savant.....12
- Amulet of Articulation...14
- Fine Armguards...........12 Can be Enchanted
- General Tullius' Armor...52 Can be Enchanted
- Locket of Saint Jiub.....08
- Miraak's Boots...........19

Total Armor................103-109
With Ebonyflesh 3/3........403-409
Also with Lord Stone.......453-459
Smithed Tullius Armor*.....534-540

With the maximum smithing method you can get a +81 increase in Tullius' Armor

- 240 Shields and Blocking

Blocking used to be calculated (and detailed by pms00 on his Youtube channel) as:

With 0 skill or perks:

Daedric Shield.53% damage resist
All Weapons....42% damage resist
Iron Shield....50% damage resist

With 100 blocking:

Daedric Shield. 63% damage resist
All Weapons.... 60% damage resist
Iron Shield.....56% damage resist

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(edited 4 years ago)

User Info: theonyxphoenix

4 years ago#9
After testing this is not the case any longer (as of what patch is unknown since this hasn't been brought in to question until 1.7). The block cap is still 85% and reduces the damage that has already been reduced by armor damage reduction. All weapons (and torches) regardless of type or size block the same. Here are the blocking damage reduction for shields and weapons per perk investment in Shield Wall. Note: 100 Block Skill.

Shield no armor...47:52:54:58:62
Weapons no armor. 44:49:53:57:61
Shield and armor. 45:50:52:56:63
Weapons and armor 43:50:52:59:63

Now the final results are pretty much the same, but remember the first numbers are with no perks. It was assumed that with each perk in Shield Wall you would increase the damage resistance and that Daedric Shields and weapons could reach the cap with 4/5 in Shield Wall. As we can see that is not the case.

All weapons and shields block for 40% without perks. Each perk in Shield Wall acts as a Fortify Block +10% enchantment. As you can see you need around a 22-24% Fortify Block enchantment to reach the cap..

Weapons block just as well as shields but do not benefit from Arrow Deflection, Elemental Protection. Shield Charge can be used with a two-handed weapon, 1-handed weapon with shield, or 1-handed weapon with an empty left hand. With a shield you can press block and then begin running. With weapons you need to sprint first and then rapidly press block as you approach the enemy. The charge seems to work momentarily when you begin and stop blocking.

Another shield tidbit: sneak, hold down block, then sprint and you can sprint indefinitely when using a shield.

[300] MAGE

Magicka damage reduction is prioritized in the order of Absorption, Magicka Resistance, then Elemental Resistance

- 310 Magicka Resistance and Absorption

Magic attacks are most any non-physical attack and includes dragon breath, poison, fire, shouts, and disease as well as the fire, frost, and shock elemental spells.

Magicka Absorption acts first and is a percentage to activate, not what percentage of damage is reduced. If the spell is absorbed, all of it is absorbed. Fortify Destruction potions taken prior to choosing the stone or the perk will increase the percentage, permanently in the case of the perk, and until a new stone is selected for the Atronach Stone. Magicka Absorption absorbs all summon spells (including summon shouts, but not Vampire or Werewolf summons) as well as the Shadow Warrior Perk. Magicka Absorption will also absorb almost 300 magicka/second from the Master Restoration spell Guardian Circle.

Atronach Stone................50% (62%)
Atronach Perk.................30% (37%)
Atronach Stone + 200% Potion..100%(130% Potion)
Atronach Perk + 334% Potion...100%(180% Potion)
Stone + Perk + 125% Potion....100%

Any race, with no perks, can reach the 85% resistance cap just by shopping around for magicka resist necklace, shield, or rings. Items begin at 10% (12%) at level 8 and increase to as much as 22% (27%) at level 48+. Any race can reach 70% resistance as early as level 8 or 80% with Lavender Dumplings (+10% for 60 seconds) and can hit the cap with items by level 24 by using the Lord Stone (25%) and Agent of Mara (15%). Breton's have an 25% magicka reduction.

Elemental Resistance is factored last. Dunmer and Nords have Fire and Frost Resistance 50% respectively. Vampires have Frost Resistance values are dependent upon the stage of Vampirism and whether you have the DLC. Other found elements with resistances:

Otar Dragon Priest Mask..........30% All
Helm of Yngol....................30% Frost
Nightingale Armor................20% Frost, 30% (level 19+), 50% (level 32+)
Boots (Archmage's Quarters)......40% Shock
Ancient Helmet of the Unburned...40% Fire

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User Info: theonyxphoenix

4 years ago#10
Purchased boots also offer elemental resistance starting at 15 points at level 1, 30 points at level 8, and increases up to 70 at level 40+. By level 8 with the right equipment you can reduce a 100 point magicka attack to 6 for fire, 4 for frost, and 6 for shock...less with racial resistances. This is with no enchanting or perks.

- 320 Dealing Magic Damage
The skillful battlemage ensures that the enemy is already defeated before the battle begins.-The Art of War Magic

- +10 to Fire Spells when taking the Illusion Perk Aspect of Terror. +15 if taken with Augment Flame 2/2, +18 with the Ahzidal Mask
- Repeatedly casting fire (and some restoration ) spells stacks the 10% burn damage
- The Disintegrate perk effectively reduces all enemy health by 15%.
- Fire Damage slightly edges out Shock for damage and costs less, but Shock also damages magicka.
- Frost Damage is the most resisted/nullified element in Skyrim and shouldn't be focused on for damage alone.
- Fortify Destruction Potions can increase damage up to 75% (5/5 Alchemist, Physician, Benefactor) 150% with 100% Alchemy Gear
- Inflicting an enemy with poison (Weakness to Magic, Weakness to Element, Weakness to Element & Poison) can increase damage.
- Stacking damage sources like summoned creatures + cloak/wall spells + destruction magic is the most effective.
- The Dragon Priest Masks from Dragonborn Ahzidal, Dukaan, and Zahkriisos increase Fire, Frost, and Shock damage by 25% respectively. Ahzidal also increases Aspect of Terror
- Ignite from Dragonborn is the most powerful spell dealing 4 damage over 15s. This is boosted extremely high with the above mentioned perks.

- 330 Reducing Spell Cost

- It is possible to reach 48% reduction right from the start with dedicated shopping.
- With the crafting template you can reach 34% cost reduction/piece or 47% equipped with Vamp/Necromage
- Normally you have 8 slots max to fill (2 each on necklace, helm, gauntlets, and ring)
- If you are wanting maximum reduction for all schools, replace your armor with Archmage Robes (-15% to all schools)
- Non Vampires can reach 49 in 4 schools and 83 in one.
- You can reach 65% in 4 schools and 100% in one with Vamp/Necromage.
- When using stacking glitches (Penitus Oculatus/Falmer Helmet), Vampire Lord Armor, Follower/Equipment it becomes easy to reach 100% in all 5.

[400] THIEF

- 410 How Stealth Works
Walk always in shadows, so that you will see your foes before they see you.- Jensassa

Sneaking is affected by multiple variables including weight of armor, sound, movement, line of sight, ambient light, and whether the target has detected you before. Optimally, minimizing all of these effects provide the best opportunity for a sneak attack.

Armor Weight
Penalty is determined by total weight. Equal weight, regardless of type, incurs the same penalty. 0 weight clothing, the Steed Stone, Unhindered (Light Armor), or Conditioning (Heavy Armor) removes this penalty.

Casting a spell, using a shout, and even moving causes noise. Although the Quiet Casting perk eliminates the sound completely for spells, it doesn't do so for all shouts (targeted shouts in particular). The noise you make as you move also incurs a penalty which is not affected by armor type and can be removed with muffle effects.

Predator's Grace, Muffle (spell), Silence Perk, PC Created Muffle Enchants, Nightingale Boots 32+ = 100%
Muffled Movement Perk, Nightingale Boots 19-31, Found/Purchased items with Muffle, Ebony Mail, Ancient Shrouded Boots, Shrouded Boots, Shrouded Shoes, Cicero's Boots, Jester's Boots = 50%
Nightingale Boots 1-18 = 25%

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