There needs to be a reputation system

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User Info: Belgarion05

4 years ago#1
or something else that controls NPC dialogue when talking to/about you.

Right before quitting in Ivarstead, a guard comes up to me and says, " wiped out the Dark Brotherhood...friend I owe you a drink." So naturally, I'm feeling good about myself.

Then another guard walks by a second later and says, "Hands to yourself sneak thief."

I'm not a thief. My character is an archer. He's never stolen anything. And yet I get this stupid dialogue because I have a highish sneak skill.

On a slightly related note: it is incredibly irritating to be the Harbinger of the Companions, and regularly have the guards (well outside of Whiterun) recognize me as the newest member of the Companions, and then comment on my mead fetching assignments.

There are two problems with this.
1) How the hell does some random ass guard in Dragon Bridge/Karthwasten/insert hamlet here recognize a new member of the Companions on sight?
2) I'M THE EFFING HARBINGER. Aela brings me my mead dammit. In Forsworn Armor.

So I think there definitely needs to be a reputation system. It could be a merge of good/bad/neutral fame, and would be applied both regionally and nationwide. For example, it can be expected that the Dragonborn who tore Alduin a new one would be known across Skyrim, but people in the Pale couldn't care less who wiped out the Vampires just outside of Morthal.

There could also be a separate respect/fear system. If I am the Thane of Whiterun, some two-bit guard is probably not going to mention that I smell like wet dog.

Things like that could really help immersion. Yes? No?
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User Info: ToxicLime

4 years ago#2
I wish there was one. Oblivion had a fame / infamy system that I thought they were going to expand on, but it looks like it got dropped. It was cool because at high infamy, even bandits wouldn't attack you on sight.
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User Info: Gamer_X27

4 years ago#3
I haven't played Morrowind in a while so I may be mistaken but didn't it have something similar as well.
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User Info: nathraxh

4 years ago#4
I've always wondered how everyone knows you've killed Alduin. No one else (able to return to Tamriel) saw you defeat him. And yet, the instant he's gone, everyone seems to know about it. I don't know, maybe they take your word for it, but who's going to believe my mass-murdering Orc drunkard? So yeah, this game needed a reputation system with effects to match.
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User Info: neithskye

4 years ago#5
And maybe, I dunno . . . recognizing intent?

I love when guards tell me how much they respect the Restoration school, and how Skyrim could use more healers. Then when a dragon attacks a town, first I cast Call to Arms on everyone, then I stand around casting Grand Healing.

Afterwards, a guard snaps at me to "go cast my fancy magic someplace else". Yup. Uh-huh. Was just trying to keep you alive. Sorry about that. Won't happen again.

User Info: Mixorz

4 years ago#6
Don't get so butt mad, just punch them and pay your 40 gold.
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User Info: KabtheMentat

4 years ago#7
IMO, drop in Fallout 1/2/New Vegas karma reputation system.

You do cool **** for a hold, they like you. Be a dick, they don't like you.
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User Info: Cosmic_Diabetic

4 years ago#8
I can butcher an entire town and then go on a weekend camping trip and when I come back they have forgiven me
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User Info: Mortsllem

4 years ago#9
*get really good at being unseen* *get immediately recognized as being sneaky* SKYRIM LOGIC.

Yeah, I avoid entire skill trees because I roleplay and don't like Guards blaring about something I rarely use. It would be handy if my warrior was good at lockpicking, but I don't want my respected Knight that has saved Whiterun and slayed dragons to be called a filthy theif or pickpocket by the very same cities Guards.

User Info: DarkSeraphM

4 years ago#10
I can overlook almost all of the idle guard chatter about skills/guilds except for the "Psst... I know who you are. Hail Sithis!" Whenever I hear that one it elicits one and only one reaction from me: "You know who I am, do you? Well, we can't have that. What kind of assassin would I be if I just let you live?" *slits throat, drags corpse into bushes*
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  3. There needs to be a reputation system

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