Civil War quest line

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User Info: BadrangTyrant

4 years ago#1
The Jagged Crown is a great quest and I would have loved to see more like that one but Bethesda seemed to have got lazy and dumped a ton of half-baked fort quests.
Seriously, would anyone else have liked to see more quests like the Jagged Crown or do you like the fort quests.
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User Info: ForgottenLegend

4 years ago#2
Super repetitive but I often used it as a quick levelling up process as there are no decent rewards and there's lots of combat opportunity.

User Info: GBALoser

4 years ago#3
As an alternative quest option, I'd add something where you'd convert jarls opposing your faction to your side, be it through persuasion, bribery, or a show of force depending on the jarl in question. Each time you succeed, you'd inch your faction's control of the region closer to either Solitude or Windhelm. Then I'd knock out out the last fort before the capital and prepare for an massive assault on the capital holds, with a few changes

1) All guilds you are head of at the time of the siege will give you the option to send some of that type onto the either the field (College/ Companions in WW form (a lie convo before battle will tell either General that they are "trained")) or covertly into the hold (Thieves/DB). The covert troops would either engage in hit and run kills (DB) or deprive some of the defenders of weapons and/or armor (Thieves).

2) The defenders will give you a bit of surprise: The Stormcloaks will unleash trolls and a giant into your ranks as you approach the Palace of Kings, while the Imperials will let loose condemned Forsworn troops and a Mammoth.
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