Stump is dead.

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User Info: Gamer-Chris

4 years ago#1
He was happy and alive earlier in the day. I stopped by the Riverwood Trade for some supplies before heading up towards Bleak Falls Barrow and overhead one of the kids argue that Stump was, in fact, not a spider, but a dog. I chuckled and moved on, not knowing I would return later that day to find Stump dead just outside of Gerdur's house. The circumstances are shrouded in mystery, but I suspect old age.

Why? Why did Stump had to die?
I like video games.

User Info: Sephirothe

4 years ago#2
Someone confused him with a spider
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User Info: TaigaWilliam

4 years ago#3
You have only one choice now: resto-loop an insane boost conjuration duration potion, then resurrect him with the Vampire's Thrall skill that doesn't turn things to ash if killed. `-`
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