How do I go about not dying as a werewolf?

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  3. How do I go about not dying as a werewolf?

User Info: ROFLzombie9001

4 years ago#1
I've never really played as a werewolf before, I've just become one but it seems way more useless than just being in normal form. It seems to have way less defense than just wearing armor and you cant heal in the middle of a battle since I would just get killed while feeding. Is there any tips on survivability? Thanks

User Info: IamI3rian

4 years ago#2
Gotta get the perks from DG.

If you don't have that... well, there's Alteration I suppose. = /

I'm not the wolf expert (that's Onyx) but I recall that there's some info about it in the 'Useful Info' sticky. Might check around up there.
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This is the Werewolf Guide, and it's very helpful. It should answer all the questions you would ever have about being a werewolf

But a note on healing: if you have the Dragonborn DLC, you can get special rings for werewolves, one of which allows you to heal. But honestly, if you just keep moving at all times, your tremendous speed should allow you to avoid taking a lot of damage. The running dual claw attack wrecks most things in just a couple hits.
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User Info: Latronis

4 years ago#4
You're super fast and your sprint attack ragdolls pretty much everything. Theres no need for defense when you shoukdnt even get hit
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User Info: Rayzorium

4 years ago#5
Much of what makes werewolves so powerful is being able to knock almost anything down whenever you want. Attacks that do this:

Moving power attack
Dual attack (hit both attack buttons at once)
Sprint attack (also does a crapton of damage)

User Info: DuranOfForcena

4 years ago#6
Feeding on a dead body heals you, doesn't it?
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User Info: theonyxphoenix

4 years ago#7
What was already said.

If you're enemy isn't stunned or flat on its back then you're playing a werewolf wrong. If you are focusing on werewolf form make sure to put leveling points in health. You can potentially have over 1000 health. Alteration spells carry over when in Werewolf form so cast before you transform and use Mage Armor since you are "armorless" for the purposes of that perk. Avoid Death can provide you with a boost in an emergency and Sailor's Repose and Mother's/Father's Comfort as well as the Restoration Perk Regeneration makes it heal for more.

I need to update the werewolf guide with the Dragonborn Rings and the Vampire Lord Hybrid glitch but other than that it should provide you with everything you need.

User Info: Rikashi

4 years ago#8
Fear anything low-level with your howl, keep the stronger enemies knocked down with your sprint attack. That's about it.

Oh, and the Companions offer some quests to upgrade some of your abilities. Talk to Aela while in the Underforge.


4 years ago#9
Lycanthropy's only purpose in the game is free disease immunity, nothing else. If you want a "combat form", go for Vampire Lord instead, that form doesn't lock you into a un-cancelable form with no means of defense or reliable healing, VL also has a ranged attack so anything that can fly or throw ice spikes doesn't pot-shot you to death. Also VL abilities don't suck. Lycanthropy is a "gimmick" at best and the rag-doll effect sucks unless you're fighting something one on one, even then 90% of the time you're just better as a human where you have actual armor and a greater range of options (shouts, spells, ect) to turn things in your favor.

Anyway, the answer of how not to die as a werewolf is to either not use it or become a vampire instead. Like, it's cool if you're playing the game on easy or REALLY into roleplaying, but mechanics-wise it's just a complete waste. Even after all the DLC "buffs" they slapped on to it trying (and failing) to make it salvageable past level 10, it's still garbage until it gets a way to be turned on and off at will (without waiting) and gets passive bonuses or SOMETHING to make it different from what can easily be achieved (and surpassed) by regular equipment.

User Info: wahabwasim

4 years ago#10
i use werewolf form alot especially on master difficulty, first get the perks from dawnguard and then get the totem of brotherhood power, after that when your attacking your enemies: Always move around never stay in one play
Target the long range opponents first(if your fighting multiple opponents)
Use your totem of brotherhood whenever you can and when your feeding in a fight press the X button to cancel out of the feeding animation, this way you get your health but none of the useless animation
Also i would recommend the ring of the hunt from dragonborn dlc
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  3. How do I go about not dying as a werewolf?

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