Why does Skyrim freeze so much?

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  3. Why does Skyrim freeze so much?

User Info: DzxSaints

4 years ago#1
It froze for the second time today a little while ago. This is really getting ridiculous, as it doesn't autosave my progress before it freezes, so I lose 15-20 minutes of gameplay each time. It makes me very sad face.

Oh, and this is the only game I have that freezes. Not ONE other game freezes, EVER.

I have the Halo Reach LE Console as well, so I know that it isn't my Xbox. But I do keep my Xbox sitting horizontally, if that messes anything up at all.
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User Info: A_Dirty_Liberal

4 years ago#2
I have the Reach LE console as well. I had issues with freezes when the game first came out, then had none for the longest time, then I installed Dragonborn and freezes seem to happen again.
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User Info: UraRenge2005

4 years ago#3
There are actually quests that have freeze glitches. There are also saving freeze gliches. It's very, very common. It shouldn't be, and I feel your pain. However, the best step is arm yourself with knowledge.


They list all the freeze glitches with each quest and clearly lable them so they are easy to find and know about ahead of time. 99% they have an advice workaround.
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User Info: RaccoonCity

4 years ago#4
Set your auto-save to every 5 minutes. There will be rare occurrences where you'll have to replay the last ~10 minutes, but the game will auto-save every few minutes when you open your menu. It's a lifesaver.
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User Info: metroidman92

4 years ago#5
'Cause it's up North.
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User Info: FMLG

4 years ago#6
metroidman92 posted...
'Cause it's up North.

I lol'ed
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User Info: Mahuri

4 years ago#7
Same here, not too many freezes before Dragonborn, first it froze on the loading screen to Solstheim, then it froze on loading screen out of The retching netch :<

User Info: PimpHandofGod

4 years ago#8
I'm thinking its the DLC. The PS3 version didn't freeze nearly as much.

User Info: RKZX2

4 years ago#9
i also have a Reach console. no issues though. i do have a fan in front of it blowing air on it. that may be the difference. i learned that from DJing. they have fans cooling amps in the club. there's a reason. heat kills.

User Info: Webstedge

4 years ago#10
Got myself a normal black 360 console, and while the game hiccups occasionally it never really freezes for me

regardless I make sure to hard save like every 10 minutes
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  3. Why does Skyrim freeze so much?

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