Things you've never got round to in Skyrim

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User Info: Cast_Supremacy

4 years ago#1
Hey Folks!,

I was just thinking, I've owned the game since release, and yet I've still never;

- Collected all the shouts

- Got all the Stones of Barenziah and finished the Thieves Guild 100%

- Got the Reader achievement on one character, I mean, I've probably got all the books across all my characters, but never focused on doing it on one.

- Stuck with a 2-handed build

Anyone else?

User Info: Overburdened

4 years ago#2
I've never not read this topic already.

And also got married in game.
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User Info: HoonDing

4 years ago#3
I've never played two-handed, or Illusion.
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User Info: BlackestGarden

4 years ago#4
- Stones of Barenziah (Wasn't worth the reward IMO, already have more money than I know what to do with and horde precious gems in all playthroughs)

- Finished Stormcloak side (Not that I prefer the Empire, but just didn't feel that my characters would side with them)

- Lockpicking tree (Utterly useless except for a few equipped items you can pickpocket. With respec options, this is even more useless)

- Unarmed (Even with resto looping, I always found it got boring very quickly. If I had PC mods to make kill animations more frequent, then maybe)

- Reaper Gem fragments (Soul Cairn is a bore to me. I found about 3-4 while looking for arvak & conjuration spells, didn't want to stay there more than I had to)

- Oblivion Walker achievement. (Keeping within a character's mindset is very important for me. Just haven't gotten around to it with my Chaotic Neutral mage)

- Bought Hjerim or Proudspire manor. (Hadn't gotten around to it yet)

- Heathfire (Don't have it)

- Found all paragons in forgotten vale. (I got the ones that give me auriel's shield, didn't care for much else)

- Got married. (I have four characters, all of which are bachelors atm. I can see two of them getting married, but only at the end of their quests)

- Powered up the Ebony Blade to its fullest potential.

- Killed Parthy

- A "blood-kin" quest. (Was automatically granted access whenever I came upon one. Probably helped a filthy ogre out in skyrim somewhere)

- Dragon Priest masks at Labyrinthian (I have them, just never got around to it)

- Dread Zombied a Chicken.

User Info: lalallaalal

4 years ago#5
I've played over 500 hours and never completed the main quest.

User Info: Cast_Supremacy

4 years ago#6
lalallaalal posted...
I've played over 500 hours and never completed the main quest.

I did it exactly once, you're not missing much ;)

User Info: Latronis

4 years ago#7
Played anything other than nord?
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User Info: WelshDragon89

4 years ago#8
Thieves Guild
Dark Brotherhood
Bard's College
Unusual Gems
All the Daedric quests
Killed Paarth or done any of the Blade Sidequests
Anything other than a Two-Handed Nord
Dragon Priest Masks (on my current save I'm at my highest so far with 4)
All the Paragons in Forgotten Vale

User Info: IronticsDragonL

4 years ago#9
- Collect all shouts
- Dragonborn (Don't have it)
-Hearthfire (Don't have it)
- The whole Gauder amulet quest
- Done all Darkbrotherhood contracts
- Killed Parthabro
Among many other things.
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