A few questions for those who think that Destruction magic is not weak

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  3. A few questions for those who think that Destruction magic is not weak

User Info: Perma-n00b

4 years ago#31
Lostout posted...
Because the game is boring as a melee character when you can kill everything in a few hits Destuction doesn't ever get to that point it does good damage without ever becoming OP and requires some skill/thought to do the hardest dungeons & bosess. If they buffed it it could become just as boring as melee.

This...... This by far. I hated my orc warrior once my enchanted+smithed Deadric sword got to 187 dmg. So boring.

User Info: Captain_Chino

4 years ago#32
While I think damage scaling wouldn't hurt, just because it is silly that enemies can take more of my hits as I level up, I do kind of like the cap on destruction magic. I have to self-nerf in this game so much, it is nice that something is fixed.

That said, I think Destruction's cost is a problem, because it sort of forces you to start looking at crafting to offset it, which sets you down the path of breaking the game and being OP.

I really like destruction though. While you can technically use the other schools of magic without it, I think Destruction works better. I mean, if you use fear or fury spells, closing the distance is either a bad a idea, or a pain in the ass. Similarly, if my conjured buddies are already up in the enemy's face, why not just send a few fire bolts their way?

Bows can dish out better damage at range, but they are slower to fire off, and require both hands, which makes them break flow more when used in conjunction with other spells.
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User Info: LinkLuigi

4 years ago#33
IamI3rian posted...
@LinkLuigi... Parlor trick perhaps, but the fact remains that a mage does it faster than a warrior... trash mobs or otherwise.

The fact remains that you do need to walk up to them to one shot them. A mage does not. You also (may) need to swing your super heavy warhammer, knock an arrow, etc... to get the second one killed.

Well, you're not addressing me for all of that post, right? I dunno about "skewed", though, to each their own.

Just this part I wanna address. And that is...ok? That's a point, I suppose? Pat on the back, I suppose, but that's hardly a huge selling point, that I have to "walk to my enemies to kill 'em". When I can kill em off in one or two quick hits (and why do people default to one handed, anyway? I prefer Sword n Board), plus that shout that makes ya swing faster...gloating that you can take out enemies faster is...ok.

User Info: Nicodaemos

4 years ago#34
You could either have better damage (even though Ignite has some of the most insane potential dps in the game), or you can have perma-stunlock.

If you're having problems using Destruction when there's perma-stunlock, you're a baddie.
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User Info: Captain_Chino

4 years ago#35
At the end of the day, I enjoy the pure Mage build. I don't like having to close the distance, and I don't like how slow bows feel (though I haven't played with their perks yet, I admit.) Very few moments in the game can possibly outwimeigh the awesomeness of walking into a boss crypt with who knows how many dozen skeletons and draugrs, casting mayhem, and flinging chain lightnings along side my two storm atronarchs as the room tears itself apart.

I guess I just don't find the melee mechanics fun enough to outweigh the pizazz of magic.
A king needs an army. A God needs only a canvas. I had my fill of being King. -Lucifer Morningstar
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User Info: FreeMan5407

4 years ago#36
i use both incinerate and ignite on master exclusively and incinerate have higher dps against tougher enemies ex: deathlords, ancient dragons, assuming you have 0 cost but sure the game get boring at that point

ignite is pretty weak on master and is a shame that you have to use a exploit/bug to upgrade the pathetic dmg, the only good thing is very cost efficient and have great DoT

you are talking about players using mage require more skills WTF? , paralysis, make enemies fight for you, conjure 2 dremoras, instant heal and stunlocking something to death, you are not doing anything the enemies fight for you, you heal and you gave your enemies 0 chances to fight back, it can be boring and cheap, just like 1 shoting everything, so your argument is moot

is a fact that destruction need a buff, heck i even prefer they take out the impact and O cost and implement other things, but is not gonna happen

User Info: turn_based

4 years ago#37
Seriously, when did Master become the default setting?

User Info: marcussl55

4 years ago#38
turn_based posted...
Seriously, when did Master become the default setting?

Lol I bet half the people claiming to play on master actually play on expert or adep even.
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User Info: Magnifikon

4 years ago#39
I've heard people say with destro you're force to "spam" impact. If you're using a sword aren't you just "spamming" the sword? What's the diff?

I usually can't get past about level 40 with S&B it gets too boring. As far as damage, like someone else pointed out just use anything on the scrubs then once you get to the boss fortify 150% destruction and its plenty of damage for even the baddest.

User Info: fatclemenza

4 years ago#40
I've been doing a pure-mage playthrough for a few weeks now. I've been focusing on all trees, but my main offense is, of course, Destruction. I run with a follower and two Thralls, and their magic does so much more than mine, its ridiculous (playing on Expert). Its come to the point where I just get my party involved in combat and sit back watching them tear everything apart, since they can do it far easier than I can.

I feel sorry for anybody trying to play this game with only Destruction. The only way it would be possible would be to stun-lock everything with Impact Fireballs. That gets boring extremely quickly since its so cheesy, on par with abusing the Windshear sword. 0 magic cost per spell doesn't mean anything if it takes two dozen Thunderbolts to down a Drauger Deathlord.
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