Which Hearthfire house is the most secluded?

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  3. Which Hearthfire house is the most secluded?

User Info: zaccman922

4 years ago#1
If any.

User Info: angeldeath21

4 years ago#2
Hm. Well, they're all relatively close to cities. The one nearest Dawnstar / Windhelm (I always forget its name) looks somewhat secluded.

Lakeview or bust, imo.
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User Info: Talon5967

4 years ago#3
The Morthal house isn't too far from Morthal, but is not in view of the town, and is located in the middle of a swamp with no roads. It is in view of Solitude, but that's off in the distance, being that Solitude is up on a cliff, and across the bay.

The Dawnstar house is actually closer to Whiterun. It's in the plains east of Whiterun, on the southern side of the mountains running across the middle of Skyrim, in view of the city. You would actually pass it travelling from Whiterun to Windhelm, though the road isn't all that close.

The Falkreath house is close to a road leading to Falkreath, but is only just in view of the road (there is a large hill between the house and the road). It's well in view of the road running along the lake, but that's at the bottom of a hill. It's otherwise surrounded by trees, and has a view of the lake that is only partly obscured by those trees (imo).

I think Morthal is the most secluded, simply because it is in the middle of a swamp, with no nearby roads, and the only town you can see is a long ways away. Falkreath is second, as it's close to two roads, and withing clear view of one, but is a good distance from a town. Though it is right next door to Pinewatch.

Falkreath is my favorite. I like the lake view and the woods. No functional purpose; I just like how it looks. I build the bedrooms, kitchen, and alchemist tower, and not just for the obvious reason of it being my primary. I like building the alchemist tower because it's on the side of the house facing the lake. Kind of a high overlook for the lake view. Aside from the obvious reason, I like the fact that the bedroom creates an outdoor patio facing the lake and the woods. Also aside from the obvious reason, the kitchen is the option I like for that side of the house. I only want one tower per house (at least for this one), and the trophy room puts the wall up against the nearby cliffside. I prefer there to be space, so I go with the kitchen. I also use the kitchen, so it works.
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Lakeview may be beautiful, but the neighborhood is terrible. You've got Pinewatch AND a necromancer both within spitting distance of your back porch.

No wonder they were itching to get rid of the land.
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