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Quests that you wish had become more. "Possible Spoilers"

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User Info: lalallaalal

4 years ago#31
JamaalCharles39 posted...
lalallaalal posted...
I want a ridiculously huge battle on the plains of Whiterun. Like 200 people huge.

This is what would happen
All major characters would be bent over for the entire battle
All soldiers would gang up on the one guy in the back
You would kill EVERYONE

Fighting a hundred grunts at once sounds like a blast. Get me on a hill for a final, epic stand. Yep, that would be freaking awesome.

User Info: Rampagingwalrus

4 years ago#32
lalallaalal posted...
Fighting a hundred grunts at once sounds like a blast. Get me on a hill for a final, epic stand. Yep, that would be freaking awesome.

It would end up like the Silverhand versus Farkas, them all killcaming one another as they try to attack you.
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User Info: geaneral77

4 years ago#33
IamI3rian posted...
I'd have liked the class before yours to actually have been a quest at the CoW. I mean.. I think they scrapped it at some point, but they mention it, and you can find all their bodies... and they have some named items. = /

Agree with Bard's college & Potema. Both could've been really cool.

I'd like to add the Pale Lady to the mix as well. Seems they could've done more with that whole situation.

No it is actually a glitch and they haven't patched it yet.
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User Info: Mortiis33

4 years ago#34
College of Winterhold

Sure, because I totally prefer some crappy robes over what might turn out to be the most powerful relic in all Nirn...
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User Info: KoRiy5000

4 years ago#35
Habefiet posted...
Destroy the Dark Brotherhood.


It is so stupid that that's like a quest and a half. I would have loved to include that as an epic alternative. Killing Astrid means that you've got the Dark Brotherhood hounding you constantly as you explore the criminal underworld of Skyrim to try and find out where they're hidden and take them out once and for all. As it stands, it's pathetic.

I desperately wish that College of Winterhold and the Companions were longer and more interesting. I didn't like some of the choices for any of the main questlines tbh, especially the Thieves Guild (extortion guild? no awesome big heist to round it out? etc.), but at least they had some meat on them. Those things were short as hell and uninteresting to boot. They could have done sooo much more with the Psijic Order, just for example. Herp ba derp.


I would have liked to see the Bard's College more fleshed out a bit too because it's a neat idea and gives people who want to roleplay a high Speech/bard kinda person more of a way to actually do so.

Honestly the sidequests were neat and all and there were some sidequests and even miscellaneous objectives that I wish were fleshed out more but my true wish is for Bethesda to either put way more effort into their main questlines or drop them entirely and just make a big sexy world with lots of big sexy sidequests.

i actually really like the idea of a sandbox rpg with no main quest. just create and fill up a massive world with all kinds of things. sidequests. lots of guilds. and daedric too of course (well random gods if not ES).

User Info: Torlovsk

4 years ago#36
The Whispering Door.

User Info: Doopdroo

4 years ago#37
Missing In Action - would have been nice if you went on the Thalmor's bad list and they ended up sending squads out to hunt you.

User Info: lalallaalal

4 years ago#38
I can get on board with having a huge sand box with no main quest. It usually takes me a year or so to get around to doing the main quest in these games anyway.
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