Well, It Was Worth a Shot (*"Dragonborn" Spoilers*)

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User Info: neithskye

4 years ago#1
Upon fast travelling to Raven Rock I notice two figures making their way toward me. I realized that it was Mogrul and Slitter coming to collect Relvi's debt. I don't want to deal with this right now, so I walk east out of town toward the Old Attius Farm. I notice that Mogrul and Slitter are still following me.

Hmmm . . .

Quite a few people owe Mogrul money. Maybe I can solve a few problems?

So casting Aura Whisper and walking slowly to ensure Mogrul and Slitter keep following me, I go in search for enemies. Naturally, I can't find any. I had just quested in the area and nothing had respawned. I stopped to assist a Netch against some hunters and lost the lads.

You win this round, Mogrul.

The next time I went west, then north. Success! There are several enemies outside Bloodskal Barrow. There is also a rocky outcropping and neither Mogrul or the angry Reaver seem to want to cross it, deciding instead to hurl insults at each other on either side of it. This is turning out to be more trouble than it's worth.

Finally, Mogrul crosses the rocks. He and the Reaver duke it out. Eventually Mogrul falls to his knees. The Reaver beats me up until Mogrul recovers. But after a hit or two he falls to his knees again. Then it hits me.

Mogrul is essential.

Oh, for--
He isn't essential forever. Once you let him confront you, and possibly also go talk to Relvi about the debt, he becomes able to be killed. You get the choice to kill him or pay him.
gfaqs9...Never forget. Never forget.
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  3. Well, It Was Worth a Shot (*"Dragonborn" Spoilers*)

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