You're walking down a road on a cloudy, rainy day.

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  3. You're walking down a road on a cloudy, rainy day.

User Info: CaIiber345

4 years ago#1
The sullen sky has been crying all morning. A light breeze makes the rain that much colder. Your objective is the nearest inn, that you might warm yourself by the fire pit and fill your belly with delicious mead. Your head is down, watching one step fall in front of the next, as you mull over the dungeon or dragon that may claim your life this day. But first, that warm, satisfying mead...

A noise startles you. You instinctively ready your preferred means of offense. You look left, right, scanning the perimeter for any sign of movement.

And then you see it.

A Troll. Green like hanging moss, hulking and deadly and...

He's sitting in the grass, with his kneews drawn up to his chest, and his arms wrapped around his knees. He's shivering and rocking back and forth. His fur is knotted and tangled and wet. Then his black eyes are upon you, but he flinches and recoils from your presence. He averts his gaze, only regarding your peripherally. He snorts, and then begins sniffing at the air.

The chicken breast you are carrying...

The Troll holds his hands to you, cupped and palms up. You can hear the rumbling of his massive stomach. His brow pleads with you and his lips rub together as saliva forms in his mouth at the scent of your food...

What would you do?
I only go to Solstheim to get things done. Manly things. Like ripping Netches apart with my bare hands, or pummeling snide Dark Elves into Flin.

User Info: sunbro1

4 years ago#2
Stab it in the head, head to the inn claim my reward and hire a fine hooker.

User Info: yay4doughnuts

4 years ago#3
Chest sword.

User Info: Joe_Cobbs

4 years ago#4
Shout "Skyrim is for the Nords!" then crack his skull with an atomic elbow.

User Info: HatchetHound

4 years ago#5
A troll not trying to foolishly attack me? Give it some food.
"Mistakes are just a part of learning. You don’t become an Expert At Bandit Extermination without accidentally offing a few farmers, for instance."

User Info: konvikt_17

4 years ago#6
give it the chicken. and be on my way.

would be the first troll id come across that didnt instantly turn hostile and try to kill me.

hey you never know, he might become friendly to me.
"When you can't sleep, well you can't dream
When you can't dream, well whats life mean?"~Bullet-Hollywood undead

User Info: Mick65

4 years ago#7
If im not hunting, I don't kill anything that doesn't attack me... in general.

User Info: DolemiteXP

4 years ago#8
Give him the chicken and whatever other food I was carrying in my pack.... Except my sweetrolls. NOBODY touches my sweetrolls but me....
Shanahan!!! Yuse got some SPLAININ ta do!!!
(message deleted)

User Info: Dreadsword101

4 years ago#10
If non-hostile: Give it the food. Man, mer and beast races don't need to eat. Ever. Or sleep, drink and dispose of body waste for that matter.

If about to go hostile:

Level 1-10 character: Run like a ***** and hope essential NPCs can kill it.

Level 81-?? character: One-hit-kill it with a 58958470 damage Dwemer crossbow.
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  3. You're walking down a road on a cloudy, rainy day.

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