SKYRIM IS GREAT! Just bought Morrowind GOTY mod advice please.

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User Info: MrMRB

4 years ago#1
So yeah skyrim is great.....

As topic title says just picked up morrowind any advice on mods to pick up for it?
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User Info: agentspoon

4 years ago#2
MGO - Morrowind Graphics Overhaul
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User Info: Lord Hugo

Lord Hugo
4 years ago#3
You are posting on the wrong forums friend. Try the Official Elder Scrolls site and go to the Morrowind Mod Forums. You will have more useful advice than you can shake a stick at...a very big stick at that.
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User Info: Nathypants

4 years ago#4
If you've never played Morrowind before, go ahead and play around a little without mods.

Once you've got a good feel for the game, you can add in graphics/areas/weapons/etc.

(Also this isn't exactly the BEST place to ask.)
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User Info: Wstonefi

4 years ago#5
I'd recommend playing with the graphics overhaul mod from the beginning. The normal graphics are very dated, and the mod can only add to the experience. That's really the only one you need to get started, then you can add actual content mods later if you want.

User Info: the_arisen

4 years ago#6
better heads, better bodies.. better beast bodies... better clothes (dark nut) better weapons (darknut) better armor (dark nut) enhanced first person (dark nut) morrowind main quest enhancer... there are some other ones I have but those I think are the crucial ones... oh also get the FPS mod... it essentially regulates your frames per second to what ever you set it to.

I also got Mournhold updated (better textures in mournhold)

also all of the mods I suggested (well most of them) leave the items with the same overall look, just alot more detailed. So daedric armor still looks like vanilla daedric armor, just with alot more detail... I highly recommend Dark nut. He likes to leave things very close to the original idea, just adds more details in...

I have tried most of the dual wielding ones and find that they are sub par at best (cant attack with left handed sword only parry)
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  3. SKYRIM IS GREAT! Just bought Morrowind GOTY mod advice please.

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