Most underrated perk tree?

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User Info: crimson_eviscer

4 years ago#11
Wouldn't it depend on what your build is/what type of character you're RPing?

I LOVE pickpocket if for only the extra pockets perk. Even if I try a build I wouldn't normally do, I've got that ES problem where I like to pick up tons of stuff. carry weight +100, without having to invest heavily in stamina + the steed stone....
the poisoned perk. LOVE it.

but like I said, if you're going all paladin or warrior, I can see why those might not matter.
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User Info: silverhunter16

4 years ago#12
Now, let's talk about the most overrated skill trees.


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User Info: lalallaalal

4 years ago#13
The merchant perk

User Info: Vrresto

4 years ago#14
Block and Pickpocket

I haven't played as a warrior much, but when I have, a shield with Block perks is amazing.
Pickpocketing isn't really useful until you have the thief guild influences but after that it feels pretty cheap.

User Info: CRtwenty

4 years ago#15
Alteration, there's lots of cool stuff in there but I never take it.
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User Info: JohnnySomething

4 years ago#16
CRtwenty posted...
Alteration, there's lots of cool stuff in there but I never take it.

Yeah, I wouldn't say it's the most underrated perk tree, but Alteration is ridiculous if for no other reason than Paralyze. Anything it works on (like 80% of enemies out there) is a free kill.

Edit: Then again, that's a spell and not a perk... so don't know if that counts.

User Info: CarmineAnthony

4 years ago#17
I'd say pickpocketing. It isn't talked about a lot here and you don't see it in too many builds. You can do some pretty devastating stuff with it, and it's very useful early game for cash.
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User Info: LeonKennedy28

4 years ago#18
turn_based posted...
Define 'underrated.' Some obviously don't know what it means.

I'll say pickpocketing or illusion, neither seem to recieve a lot of love but can really, really mix up the game for those burnt out on the fire/sword/axe/shield/arrow style of playing.

Illusion is one of the best.

User Info: AlabamaLust

4 years ago#19
Lol at illusion being underrated

User Info: LinkLuigi

4 years ago#20
Lockpick. Unlike most of the other "useless" perks, this one retains its value. I mean, picking Master locks sans points is a true pain in the ass.
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