can you drink giant's milk?

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  3. can you drink giant's milk?

User Info: eriko32

4 years ago#1
they seem tall so their milk will be best, no?

User Info: marathonplayer1

4 years ago#2
giants don't have milk, they have mountain dew
If you think your crappy crap egg role can beat my pink frosted sprinkled donuts of awesome, then your on, C*** GOBLIN!

User Info: Evil_Sandwich

4 years ago#3

User Info: mewmew42

4 years ago#4
Female giant nom nom nom

User Info: Pairedsnake

4 years ago#5
I tried...they dont like it

User Info: Necro_Fear89

4 years ago#6

Click link. It's awesome.
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User Info: Mogga123_5

4 years ago#7
From: Necro_Fear89 | #006

Click link. It's awesome.

It's going backwards. Do, not, like.
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User Info: Dreadsword101

4 years ago#8
It's topics like these that make me wish brain bleach was a commercially available product.

User Info: Max58201

4 years ago#9
nothing beats suckling the teet of a giant after a long day except for swallowing the occ assional hair
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I just wanted to raise his affection, NOT have him lick my nipples

User Info: Doublxz

4 years ago#10
I once milked 4 giants in one day with nothing except some mead and a toothpick
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  3. can you drink giant's milk?

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