Help! Over encumbered glitch?!

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  3. Help! Over encumbered glitch?!

User Info: matt9882

4 years ago#1
I used the fortify restoration alchemy enchanting glitch to make strong enchanted armor. They weigh a lot so I enchanted boots to allow me to carry them all w/o becoming over encumbered.

The problem is that even when I take off all the heavy armor and accessories im still over encumbered. Completely naked and no items but still over encumbered.

Can anybody help me?

User Info: shorthandle

4 years ago#2
Patient: Doc, it hurts when I do this.

Doctor: Then don't do that.

User Info: aWarlock101

4 years ago#3
LOL I'm not sure if you have noticed and this might only apply when specific perks are active but if you take all all of your armor your carry weight goes up. When you equipt the armor the weight goes down. I could have plenty of carry wieght but as soon as all of my armor comes off, He can't carry that much at all.
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User Info: Mr_Popel

4 years ago#4
That's why you don't do excessive resto looping on an item, i currently have a ring somewhere in the range of 500-600 and haven't had any problems

Anyways i think there's a perk that makes heavy armor weightless while it's equipped, so that may also be a problem
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  3. Help! Over encumbered glitch?!

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