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User Info: melloman200

4 years ago#1
Does anyone else get offended when you get insulted in-game or someone questions your strength? I was challenged to a brawl and the guy was so cocky. Of course I won, but then he called me something like a "pit animal" (I'm a Khajiit) and that made me mad so I started hitting him some more after the brawl was clearly over. Then of course the guards approached and I paid my fine like any good citizen. (Best 40 gold I've ever spent). But I have often found myself killing people for looking at me the wrong way. My favorite instance was this little girl said "You're not stronger than my daddy" so I said "How about I slit your daddy's throat and make you watch." Just wondering if anyone else gets "Skyrim rage" like me. Happy hunting.
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User Info: wufei8706

4 years ago#2
I do. Same as you, my character is a Khajit. Damn rascists.

User Info: zewhitguy

4 years ago#3
I get insulted every time a see a khajiit
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User Info: Evil_Sandwich

4 years ago#4

I honestly couldn't care less.

User Info: macten5150

4 years ago#5
It seems as an Orc that most races respect you for the most part and don't say anything overtly rude to you.

Think the worst I heard was "We're watching you, Orc."
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User Info: MrcTOtheJ

4 years ago#6
macten5150 posted...
It seems as an Orc that most races respect you for the most part and don't say anything overtly rude to you.

Think the worst I heard was "We're watching you, Orc."


But then again most Orcs are known to be hell of strong and skilled Warriors/Beserkers to boot.

Best not to piss them off to much is what they must figure.
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User Info: Jurazon

4 years ago#7
No, I don't offended...because I know it's just a game.
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User Info: wonderingalien

4 years ago#8
sometimes by those immortal good for nothing children!

User Info: RebelElite791

4 years ago#9
No, I'm a sane person.
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User Info: Enzoa7x

4 years ago#10
When playing as a wood elf (bosmer?) my nord companion says "what do you want little elf".
That and when I enter my built house and my steward hopes I'm not gonna cause trouble!!............

But nothing as much as that McCready kid in Lamplight - FO3 :/

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