Without lancing me with a spear, what made Morrowind so great?

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  3. Without lancing me with a spear, what made Morrowind so great?

User Info: RetroFanGirl

4 years ago#61
Morrowind is more rpg.

User Info: Kant_Remoob_Eht

4 years ago#62
RetroFanGirl posted...
Morrowind is more rpg.

It is more oldschool rpg, and less of the new age action rpg that Skryrim fits into.
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User Info: EmblemWarrior

4 years ago#63
another nice little detail was you actually needed skills related to a guild before you could advance in them. so you couldn't, say, become the leader of the thieves guild without very good sneak and lockpicking.
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User Info: kornbeefncabage

4 years ago#64
X ProwL posted...
jmattr posted...
O look this topic again. Its unfortunate that these topics always turn into people talking about what they loved about a game, and then other people feeling the need to tell them why "they're wrong". Nostalgia goggles or not, is it that hard to just let people voice an opinion?

macten5150 posted...
If they were to remake Morrowind for 360/720 or w/e and kept the same story and elements. It would blow Skyrim and Oblivion BOTH out of the water at the same time.

I rarely quote or double quote, But this is the reason TES fans blast each other constantly.

Morrowind fans are so dedicated to believing that their memory is 100% fact and not fiction and that Oblivion & Skyrim have "made TES weaker as a whole".

If we took the memory of every single Morrowind fan and tried to remake the game it would be impossible because everyone forgets just how Morrowind Really is.

Ironically Morrowind is just as shallow as Oblivion and Skyrim in most aspects, Other than some 'minor' customization (Spell making, More clothing and more skills) everything else was the same.

I always 'lol when fans try to suggest that choices have consequences (when does this only apply? Factions?). I can only remember one Faction based consequence which dealt with the Fighters guild and the Thieves guild, Even then through proper quest management (Doing one before the other) you could Still overcome this 'consequence'.

If Morrowind was recreated on Skyrims engine it would end up being a complete waste of time and money. A nice trip down memory road before the players realized just how broken Morrowind was.

As a huge fan of the TES series, Putting many thousands of hours into the series as a whole i enjoy the where we have come. I miss many things but i am thankful that TES hasn't turned out like the FF series.

How can you possibly call spell crafting "minor" customization? It was major customization. The amount of fun I had with spell crafting alone was insane. It was great because it was like a tool given to the player. Left for us to toy with and be creative. Just the things that SR71 came up with back in the day on these boards. Epic spells. That could nuke an entire city.

User Info: Andarist

4 years ago#65
Morrowind deserves the praise it gets. A 3D open world RPG with little to no handholding? It's why I still go back to it from time to time. It sucks that a lot of people played Oblivion first and were spoiled by graphics and simplicity..
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User Info: Evray

4 years ago#66
Andarist posted...
Morrowind deserves the praise it gets. A 3D open world RPG with little to no handholding? It's why I still go back to it from time to time. It sucks that a lot of people played Oblivion first and were spoiled by graphics and simplicity..

Agreed. I feel like future TES games should of followed Morrowind's formula.

In oblivion they took out some of the difficulty of the game. And several well loved features (see robes over armor for me) and the fast travel system made the introduction of horseback riding kind of obsolete except for exploring a place for the first time.

They slowly turned it from a vast RPG where you had a lot of options and builds to go down and slowly dumbed it down, streamlined everything and made the game easier.

What I disliked most about Oblivion is that the game leveled with you making you constantly balanced and unable to find awesome magical items that out shined all your other equipment. Like during the main quest line when the large oblivion gate opens and all the guards you have gathered to fight go and attack the Daedra coming out while you go inside to stop it. Do it early on and that fight is awesome. Level 10 times and do the quest and suddenly you have so many Daedroth that the entirety of the guards you spent so much time obtaining die instantly and you find yourself kiting 5 or 6 Daedroth one by one to barely complete the quest because you (and by association the monster) outleveled the current quest.

The leveling with you system has been pretty broken and the game lost its sense of wonder and seriousness since you have less options and essentially an easier game.

I mean you can play through Skyrim twice and end up using most if not all the abilities available to you. Sure you can make different races and spice up specific builds but you can really cover everything in two games if your deliberate.

In Morrowind you had way to many options to stretch yourself across all of them without making yourself too weak at everything.

Also I miss things like waking up and having dreams as your on your way to becoming a vampire and the like.

The game was just "more". Now its much more streamlined, dumbed down, easier, and with less options. Although you could argue the gameplay is more fun on the whole you still have less options and its much easier to break your game and become too overpowered without actively attempting to do so. In Morrowind you had to work for it, or otherwise cheat in some way. Rarely did I feel like I was just destroying everything I touched.
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User Info: sunbro1

4 years ago#67
Kant_Remoob_Eht posted...
RetroFanGirl posted...
Morrowind is more rpg.

It is more oldschool rpg, and less of the new age action rpg that Skryrim fits into.

New age RPG = Not an RPG?
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User Info: Webstedge

4 years ago#68
no quest markers alone would turn me off of Morrowind. I'm a dialogue skipper and have a hard enough time getting turned around in caves when I DO have a quest marker...

User Info: youngval312

4 years ago#69
Morrowind is dated as hell, sure, but here's some things it did well that I feel newer games haven't hit very well:

NPC dungeon factions: Dwemer, Sixth House, Bandit, Velothi Domes, Ancient Dunmer Strongholds, Ancestral Tombs, Daedric sites...there was just so much freaking variety, dozens of locations for most of those.

Environments: Each environment actually felt different. Oblivion is half a dozen shades of green with some yellow and snow. Skyrim is better, but not by much. In Morrowind, even the Grazelands and Ascadian Isles look much different from each other. Morrowind just had varied terrain. Furthermore, it wasn't based on traditional fantasy or real world stuff. Yes, there were trees and flowers and what not, but there were also giant mushrooms and odd rock formations. Then there was the unique architecture. Imperial, Hlaalu, Telvanni, and Redoran stuff all looked different and unique. And badass. I mean, giant freaking wizard towers? Hell yeah.

Unique weapons: Oblivion and to a lesser extent Skyrim allow you to get pretty much everything except unique stuff in huge quantities, whereas in Morrowind there was a limited quantity of Ebony, Daedric, Glass, etc. This made finding each piece of those far more rewarding. For example, there being only three Daedric helms in the entire game, and all of them (if I recall) in obscure places.

More Varied Factions: In Morrowind, you had three Great Houses, you had the Temple, you had the Imperial Cult, Fighters, Mages, Thieves Guild, Morag Tong...I'm not sure if I'm forgetting anything. In Oblivion you just had Fighters, Mages, Thieves, and Dark Brotherhood. In Skyrim you've got Companions, Thieves, College, Dark Brotherhood. Morrowind not only had more, but they were, once again, more varied and original. Each Great House had it's own thing. The Imperial Cult sent you after ancient relics. The Temple had you fighting the Sixth House. The Morag Tong had you go after the Dark Brotherhood. And in Morrowind, the quest lines were longer and more fleshed out. Perhaps more boring than Skyrims, but there was a lot more to them. Oh, and Ashlanders. You couldn't do many quests for them, but they were there.

Spells: omg, *inhales* levitate, mark/recall, divine/almsivi intervention....uhh, basically those, and spellmaking. Enchanting. The ability to create ridiculous game-breaking things and be a demigod. (Army of Golden Saints, anyone?) Yes, this is a reason Morrowind was fun.

I'm sure there's other stuff, but that's what popped into my head. Another advantage is that it still has a very strong modding community and is a lot more likely to run on your computer than Oblivion or Skyrim.

Oh, and Cliffracers. 'Nuff said.

Also, Vampire quests/factions. Sooooo much better and more detailed than future games. Seriously, wtf Bethesda, this stuff was awesome!
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User Info: Deku20

4 years ago#70
I loved the spears in Morrowind. Great range, did good damage, looked realistic enough...
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  3. Without lancing me with a spear, what made Morrowind so great?

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