What are you wearing, and what weapons are you using?

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  3. What are you wearing, and what weapons are you using?

User Info: SpankyMagoo

4 years ago#51
Nord Warrior

Nordic Carved Armor set - Helm

Nightingale Hood

Daedric Greatsword

Imperial Swordsman

Cultist clothes - mask

Single Blades sword or Ebony Blade
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User Info: Beidha

4 years ago#52
Nightingale Armour and a glass sword of the blaze.
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User Info: XFallenPetals

4 years ago#53
ashleyattacked posted...
most of my characters use dragon scale armor with various enchants specific to their build.

too bad it's so ugly. skyrim needs to be cuter.

I would "like" this if I could.

My characters normally wear tavern clothes, the girl variation of Ulfric's outfit, or some self enchanted college robes. D: I wish them fancy +magic damage dragon priest masks didn't make the Mage armor perk not work. Weapons are dawnbreaker and fire bolt or flames normally. Plus alteration and healing. And summoning.
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User Info: Scorex_VII

4 years ago#54
Good Lord... Some of you have a huge stack of "fortify archery/one-handed" to pornographic porpotions, and have bows with 500+ damage... WTF lol. Is the game EVEN challenging at that point? Dont get me wrong, im not judging anyone, but im level 79, playing on master and my bound bow with just marksman 5/5 and crappy bound dagger and i do just enough damage...

User Info: Death_Gaze

4 years ago#55
Moonstone circlet
Vampire Armor (red)
Vampire Gauntlets
Vampire Boots
Executioners Hood
Light Elven Armor
Light Elven Gauntlets
Light Elven Boots
Stalhrim 2h sword - 221 Chaos Damage + Stam absorb
Stalhrim Battle Axe - 256 Chaos Damage + 229 Ice Damage
Harkon's Blade - Absorb Health, Stam, Magicka.
Stalhrim Daggers x2 - 221 Chaos damage + Stam absorb.
Enhanced Dwarven Crossbow - 182 Chaos Damage + Absorb Health

You can probably imagine I've enchanted sets of armor for 2h and 1h. Both with 100% destruction reduction and the respective weapon damage boost. Also some Stamina boosts.
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User Info: Aaronisx

4 years ago#56
Khajiit assassin. Morag tong armor helmet, bracers, boots, DB chest. Daedric daggers. I also use the hawkbone necklace because it looks bad ass. Really ties it all together.

User Info: FredCat07

4 years ago#57

Those new cloth from latest DLC (blue lightweight armor, included helm)
Conjuration Weapons (such as Conjuration Sword, Conjuration Bow) so I don't have to worry about losing them in the shout
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User Info: Billy-De-Kid

4 years ago#58

Dark Jacket.
Dark Brown Fedora.
Combat Knife.
Tactical Tomahawk.
22. Henry Rifle.

Lvl: 81.

Nord Warrior:

Legendary Dragonplate Armour.(waiting to get enchanting to 100 with all perks to enchant armour)
Legendary Dragonbone Claymore, shock enchantment.
Legendary Dragonbone Battle Axe, Fiery Soul Trap enchantment.

Lvl: 36

Breton Mage:

Apprentice Robes(destruction)
Mage Circlet, 20+ Magicka
Savos's Amulet.
All Schools of Magic.

Lvl: 11. (in the labryinth, going to replace the Robes with the Arch Mage Robes.)
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User Info: Dr4g0n_S1ay3r

4 years ago#59
Nightingale hood

Vampire Lord Armor

Vampire Boots

Vampire Gauntlets

Dragon Bone Axe with Absorb Health and Chaos Enchantment

Dawngaurd Axe with Paralyze and Fiery Soul Trap

Dwarven Crossbow with Absorb Health and Chaos Enchantment

User Info: TheRavenKC

4 years ago#60
TheRavenKC posted...
Ancient Falmer armor
2.Auriel's Bow/Dragonbone arrows

Auriel's Bow matches the Ancient Falmer armor perfectly.

Ancient Falmer Cuirass - fortify health/fortify light armor

Ancient Falmer Gauntlets - fortify lockpicking/fortify magicka

Ancient Falmer Boots - fortify carrying compacity/fortify stamina

Ruby Circlet - fortify magicka regen/waterbreathing

Gold Ring - 40% more damage one handed/40% more damage archery

Gold Necklace - 40% more damage one handed/40% more damage archery

Same weapons
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  3. What are you wearing, and what weapons are you using?

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