What Should I Do? I Want To Be An Assassin?

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User Info: CodyTwoHottie

4 years ago#1
ok i made a warrior class i find it real fun but i've been watching alot of assassin skyrim play throughs too pump me up for my second playthrough the thing is that got me a little too pumped up and now im getting bored of my warrior class i took too much time into my warrior class too suddenly change him hes a level 26 Nord Warrior and i've done about 8 main quests with a tone of side quests

should i just give up on my warrior and start an assassin character how close am i till i finish the main quests if im close then i'll just do main quests with my warrior

User Info: LordTrinen

4 years ago#2
You can start retraining your warrior to be an assassin if you want. If you have Dragonborn just complete it's main quest to unlock the ability to reassign perks.

If that sounds like too much trouble or you don't have DB then go ahead and start a new character.

User Info: MrcTOtheJ

4 years ago#3
You still have time to retrain him if you want. Hell might even go the odd route and make a Heavy Armor assassin since being a warrior I assume you have a high HA. (It works too if you have the perks in sneak for it, my Step Bro has a Daggers only Heavy Armor Argonian assassin who's pretty BA)

Or you can start from the begining if you want, either way. That said don't completely give up the Warrior, you may find you want to come back and play it later, I my self have several saves going on, granted, only two of them have goten the most work, sadly that said with the DLC out, and me having it I have been thinking of taking one or two of my other saves though it here soon.
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User Info: theonyxphoenix

4 years ago#4
If you want to stealth kill with archery then you obviously want 5/5 in Overdraw. Otherwise take 5/5 in the One-Handed skill Armsman and work your way up the stealth tree to get the Assassin perk giving you a x15 multiplier to sneak kills.

You will want to start the Dark Brotherhood Quest to obtain the Shrouded Gauntlets which raise your multiplier to x30. Find yourself a decent dagger (the only weapon that attacks silently) and you're on your way.

Check the Useful Info Sticky for tips on how to stay hidden while sneaking.
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  3. What Should I Do? I Want To Be An Assassin?

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