1.9 patch

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User Info: Bhuak

4 years ago#1
so just came back to game and heard about it.but only hear about it being on steam so far.has it been released for xbox yet? if not is there a release date?
gamertag: Bhuak

User Info: Dreadsword101

4 years ago#2
It's been released for PC players. The console version has not been released yet and there still is no release date yet.

It was supposedly submitted for certification sometime this week so I guess at least two weeks before it is released.

User Info: Bhuak

4 years ago#3
ah ok thx
gamertag: Bhuak

User Info: Misterdizz

4 years ago#4
They had stated it would be released for XBox 360 by the end of March 2013. So????
"Old, but still game!" GT: Zanarkand Wolf

User Info: jammymacster

4 years ago#5
Misterdizz posted...
They had stated it would be released for XBox 360 by the end of March 2013. So????

They also tweeted "1.9 title update will be submitted for certification on consoles next week. Release TBA" back on 22 March. So the patch should have been sent for certification this week and generally certification takes around two weeks.

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