Would you purchase a Next Gen edition of Skyrim?

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User Info: silverhunter16

4 years ago#11
Only way they'd get me to buy it would be a complete overhaul of the entire game, with a better storyline, longer faction questlines, useful skill perks, more unique artifacts given powerful abilities that couldn't be imitated with enchanting, spells having a fair and manageable cost, spells scaling with level, better voice acting and more dialogue options, shops having more gold, a matching hood for robes, more weapon diversity, and possibly balance in the game.
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User Info: robitussin217

4 years ago#12
I'd buy at full price if it were made mod friendly.

User Info: DragonLW

4 years ago#13
Flow_149 posted...
DragonLW posted...
Unless it added a lot of extras and came with all the dlcs and could wash my car, no.

The only reason I buy re-releases of anything I already own is if it has lots of stuff the original didn't have or I got it for like $10.

How about a upresed GOTY edition including all of the dlc for $35-40?

Knock that down to about an even $30 and I just might be willing to get it.
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User Info: NekoSlave

4 years ago#14
No. It's pretty top-notch as it is (bugs aside).

Would I purchase a next-gen $200 re-release of Morrowind? Hell ******* yes, all four disks of it.

I'd get two. One to sleep with.
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User Info: DRAGON07891230

4 years ago#15
_MrENigma_ posted...
If you're one of the many people who have already invested countless hours on this game. You've already downloaded all the DLC and maxed out your chatacter (s). Would you pick up a copy of the game again if they were to release it on Next Gen consoles? New super sexy graphics. All the DLC included and maybe a few new things thrown in too. Thoughts?

Do you mean Skyrim the PC? Because that's exactly what you described.
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User Info: HoonDing

4 years ago#16
If it was the GotY edition, and I had a next gen console, then sure. Hopefully they'd sweeten the deal by including the hi-res textures packs they released for the PC version.
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User Info: Pootbird

4 years ago#17
If console users where able to use console commands and the spawn system, then hell yes
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