How buggy is this game on 360 as compared to New Vegas

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User Info: metalmariolord

4 years ago#11
CHIEFchiefCHIEF posted...
I hit some game breaking glitches in New Vegas that made progress impossible. How bad are the glitches in this game, and is there anything that will stop me from doing things as basic as turning in quests?

Finished it without problems...
Any stupid glitch was healed by an auto-save a little earlier...
ALL DLC also...
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User Info: Scorex_VII

4 years ago#12
Fallout New Vegas was the worst game i ever played, in terms of performance. Being a PS3 player didnt help, but that aint an excuse. I had LOTS of freezes, quest being broken, extreme lag, sound issues, AI issues, hicups, low framerate, all in all it was a very poor game, hence why i dont know how people can say it was better then F3. Sure, it has more stuff...But its kinda of a moot point if ya cant even play it :/ Hell, my game started lagging every 15 seconds as soon i stepped out of Docs house...

Now with Skyrim, have the game since launch and nothing major... PS3 version is very unstable, but for me, it runs quite great i might say. Only get some lag when in areas with lots of NPCs and/or lightning, like the Cistern of the ragged flagon. Never had a issue where a reload would not fix (Thankfully, but i also take percautions, like having 20ish saves, with plenty of time apart from each other, and not picking items from a quest i dont have yet. UESP does a terrific job to help you minimise your bugs)

User Info: Overd0s

4 years ago#13
I literally praise Skyrim for not being so buggy, but maybe I'm just lucky. I have had an 80 hour game save (hard drive was faulty and I lost all saves) and i have my current 160 hour game save and have only had a handful of freezes. Only thing that bothers me right now is a certain someone you frame is sent to jail and i have a book of his I must give him but can't

Other bugs are like holding onto quest items once the quest is over and being unable to sell/trade them

That is no where near as bad as my experiences with New Vegas though

User Info: Mogga123_5

4 years ago#14
Had no problems with Skyrim or NV.

Fallout 3 on the PS3 is another story though.
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User Info: Bonggoblin

4 years ago#15
I rarely had any bugs in NV other then the occasional freezing. In Skyrim, you name a glitch and I've probably experienced it. I played NV with 6 characters all the way to level 50 with almost all quests and the worst bug I had was a permanent -1 agility on one of my characters because of a new X-Box that I haven't transferred the license and played it offline once. In Skyrim I hit 140 hours with my one and only character before the first patch was out. Lots of quests could not be completed and magic was very broken. Then a patch came out and dragons were flying backwards and going crazy and some more quests that couldn't be completed. Essentially it's a crapshoot whether you get certain glitches. I don't know if I just got lucky in NV and did everything the way it was supposed to be done, and with Skyrim I seemed to do everything wrong and got lots of glitches.

TL:DR It differs from person to person.
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