Combining magic res and elem res?

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User Info: auronrenouille

4 years ago#1
So, I'm a Breton (25% magic res) with Agent of Mara (15% magic res) and a vampire (-50% fire res), along with +46% resist fire from my boots and +51% fire res from my necklace.

Added up, that's
Magic Res: +40%
Fire Res: +97%
Vampire: -50%

For a grand total of +87% (as a vampire, I am unconcerned with poison/disease). I've taken similar steps with frost and shock, but they're less complicated without the whole vampire problem. I have the shield of solitude's enchant and was using a whole-hog resist magic system, but saw that I could squeeze a few more points out of resistances by doing fire separately.

So am I about 87% resistant to fire? or is there more to the math than what I've described? Seeing as I like poking at dragons, having strong resistances is important to me.

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User Info: nytecrawla

4 years ago#2
Check the Useful Information sticky :

They are all prioritized differently. Look under the MAGE section, or just hit ctrl+f and type 310 in the box in that topic.
Well don't that just beat all?
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  3. Combining magic res and elem res?

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