Anyone else prefer the hotkey system in oblivion?

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  3. Anyone else prefer the hotkey system in oblivion?

User Info: clone11

4 years ago#21
Billy-De-Kid posted...
clone11 posted...
Billy-De-Kid posted...
clone11 posted...
God no. Being able to favorite all my spells and shouts > Being able to hotkey 8 things. Especially considering the hotkeys in Oblivion did not work that well on a controller.

"Oh you wanted the heal spell you have hotkeyed to the bottom of the d-pad? Too bad, here's the water walking spell you have hotkeyed to the bottom-left of the d-pad, enjoy dying."

I had no such problems.

So that means they don't exist right? I'm just making s*** up here!

Actually, this happens a lot, but you can get better at hitting the right part of the D-Pad.

:( That hurts man. Maybe I have shaky hands. Maybe I don't do well under pressure.

It's more the fault of the way the Xbox d-pad is designed honestly.
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User Info: Tarentula

4 years ago#22
RebelElite791 posted...
Tarentula posted...
Yessss!! I hate the little pauses they break the flow of battle.

So use the two hotkeys for stuff you use often.

Doesn't work. Especially when equipped with a shield. Also I use a lot more than 2 hotkeys allow.

User Info: silverhunter16

4 years ago#23
A mix of the two would be nice.

Up and down open favorites.

Left, right and diagonals would be hotkeys for at least 6 hotkeys.

It's not like it would've broken the system that way.
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User Info: kornbeefncabage

4 years ago#24
Kai_Laguna posted...
I've said it before, but a fusion of the two would be perfect. By tapping the d-pad you get the old Oblivion/Fallout hotkey menu. Hold it and you get the Skyrim favorites menu. They could even give each direction it's own list to help cut down on the massive clusterf*** the favorites menu can become.

Yeah that would have been great.

User Info: General_Tim

4 years ago#25
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User Info: ArgentumVir

4 years ago#26
I do not. The 360's D-Pad sucks so badly that I'd use up two slots with the same thing so I wouldn't accidentally choose the wrong item. However, this system makes it to where I can hotkey a bow bow in the left slot. I just hit it again when I want to revert back to melee. Then the right slot is a fallback shout I use when something is up in my face and I want him out.

The drop down menu is great for allowing cool headed decisions in the heat of battle without the clutter of the main menu. I've saved my ass loads of time by sitting there for a second and weighing my options. I don't play with auto saves either, so this is a play to win, or lose fifteen minutes situation.
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  3. Anyone else prefer the hotkey system in oblivion?

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