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User Info: Mick65

4 years ago#21
Currently, red vampire armor and boots, forsworn head dress and Daedric gauntlets. A petite, pretty kitty that will tear your face off.

User Info: MrcTOtheJ

4 years ago#22
TheRavenKC posted...
I like to wear the special armors, so I say light.

It's a shame there are no good heavy special armors.

There's the Ebony mail, and that's pretty much it huh?

That said it depends on the build, right now I'm running a robes mage. I wish the Vamp armor was robes sometimes though I may swtich out to Light armor later and get some perks for it to put it on par with my current Flesh spell+Mage Armor+Necromage.

But I voted medium because I do use both.
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User Info: Mushroom87

4 years ago#23
i choose none dragon aspect
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User Info: UltDeadpool

4 years ago#24
I love both, but I have a tendency to use mostly light armors, particularly Light Stalhrim, Dragonscale, and Ancient Falmer.
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User Info: DarkSeraphM

4 years ago#25
CRtwenty posted...
sunbro1 posted...
Oh Indoril armour, how I miss you.

Gah I loved the look of that stuff so damn much. Bethseda really needs to bring it back.


We're watching you... scum.
Hey there, sweetroll; I just cast Oakflesh... if you know what I mean.

User Info: DarthSchubert

4 years ago#26
I miss my medium bonemold armor from Morrowind....

Anywho, I take Heavy. With the perks removing the weight entirely, it seems like a slam dunk to me? Though I admit, Elven armor looks pretty baller status.
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