Elder Scrolls Roleplay Part 3, the Oblivion Crisis.

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User Info: Bellethor

4 years ago#1
OOC discussion/Characters thread: http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/615803-the-elder-scrolls-v-skyrim/65863121

New Rules:

The requirements for entering Skyrim are the same as having multiple characters. You must be a veteran of the game and be familiar with the lore of Skyrim during the time period (IE: Rorikstead don't exist, Winterhold is still a giant city etc).

Champion of Cyrodil: The Champion of Cyrodil is an NPC. If you didn't know, canonically in the Elder Scrolls lore the PC of each game only does the main questline and some other character does the guild questline. You cannot make the CoC not do something he didn't do in the main questline. His race will remain unspecified.

Guild Questlines:
You can participate around these questlines. For example, you can be a henchman for Manni, or join the Blackwater Mercs. It's up to you.


The Emperors three sons assassinated. It's simply unbelievable. Why would the Mythic Dawn do this? I had to find my brother, but for now, I have to protect the Emperor. It's been so long since I've seen my brother, the death of his friend Sveros must have driven him over the edge again. Wherever he is, it is not safe for him to be around like this, and I know only I can stop him.

The sun was beating down on my skin, I hated this weather. I was standing outside the Imperial Legion Offices in the Prison District, keeping guard. Adamus Phillidia, the commander, has stationed only the best Legionnaires to guard this area. The Emperor was to escape through the Bastion and into Cloud Ruler Temple, as the Imperial City has been deemed unsafe.

"Get the Emperor to safety!" A member of the Blades cried out. A group of Blade Escorts were fighting off Assassins in Bound Armor. I quickly casted an Ice Spear spell and sent it flying into the face of an assassin. I ran up to the Blades. I recognized Baurus, an elite member of the blades, and saw a woman and a man next to the emperor. "You three, get the Emperor to safety!" The three blades ran off with the Emperor and into the Prisons while I casted Frost Atronachs to help fend off the assassins.
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User Info: Gannondwarf432

4 years ago#2
(OOC: I have an NPC I am controlling for now, not going to really interact with the main story, he's just kinda here for keeping control of Bren for certain parts.)

"So, how do you like Skyrim? It's a bit cooler than the rest of the Empire's territories, but also is home to one of the finest libraries for Mages." said the Altmer man as we walked through the snow of northern Skyrim.


"Yes it is, Xingke. Good thing you convinced Bren to buy some warmer clothes and some actual boots before we got this far. How long until we reach the City if Winterhold?" I asked, as the sun was getting lower and lower on the horizon.


"Not more than half an hour. Once we get there, I have some friends there that run a bunkhouse and they should be happy to accommodate us with beds and food. After that, we can get you in the College and see if the Arch-Mage will let you join. And if Bren shows up before then, well, there's plenty of things to keep her preoccupied." I said.

Dependable as always, that Xingke. I met him not too long after Grec escaped from the IC. After being fed up with my inability to help fight something as large as a threat to Br-our safety, as well as the rest of the Nirn, I decided to join the Mages Guild, hoping to learn what I needed before Bren returned. During my short time there, I had met Xingke, and was intrigued by his curious name. He said he read about a mage from a story whose name was Xingke, and he decided he wanted to be just like him, right down to the name, so kids in the future would have an actual hero to look up to. During the time we were talking, he noticed the Wabbajack I had kept hidden, and asked about it. Deciding that this man could be of use to me, I told him as much as he needed to know, including the predicament I was in with Bren. I expected him to either attack me or run out while calling me mad, but he just sat there and listened, and he believed me!

He said that he could help me, but he had some errands to run in Winterhold in Skyrim, and that there would be some powerful spells I could learn if I tagged along, so I did.
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User Info: Pootbird

4 years ago#3

The security in cyrodiil is terrible, all three of the sons are murdered single handed because of the shameful guards, with no heir there's no telling the destruction that's bound to happen anytime soon.
Much of the group refused to talk to me, after accidentally killing Sveros I couldn't blame them, many of them knew Sveros quite well.
I spent much of my time resting and training my magic skills all day, the wounds I got from Grec have healed nicely, but Grecs wounds from me have no doubt healed too.
Much was quiet among us, what with Grec going mad again, the third son being killed and Sveros dying because of my carelessness...

I hope our situation improves soon...
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User Info: I_Dont_Agree

4 years ago#4

Imperial City. Midday. I had been running low on personal supplies for awhile now and needed to restock.

I wasn’t quite sure where everyone stood on the whole Grec/ Mythic Dawn situation, besides Valthar and Vereez. I thought about just bailing, but first I would ask Vereez and Valthar what they wanted to do. Then if it got too rough I’ll have to leave…

Walk out on your friends again? Wow, you’re an idiot.
This is different. This time I have a good chance of getting myself killed. It’s not the same as before.
Rationalize it however you want, you’re still a spineless wimp.
I am not!
Then prove it! After all, don’t want to disappoint big daddy Hircine do you?
Fine I’ll stay, geez! …Damn, I needed to stop talking to myself…

I was just about done with my shopping. I just needed one last thing. I reached into my pocket and pulled out a discount slip for Miles Plinius’ Hunting Emporium. I didn’t really know why, but I wanted to check this place out. It was kinda weird for a werewolf to walk into a werewolf-hunting shop to buy an anti-werewolf weapon, but whatever. Irony. Now I just needed to find the damn place. It’s here in the Imperial City Market District somewhere…
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User Info: sunbro1

4 years ago#5
I see guards run past my cell with the emperor! I overhear them talk about the sons assassinations.
"Damn, looks like they didn't stop Grec..."
The guards all disappear into one of the other prisoners cells.
"looks like this is your lucky day." Calls one of the guards to the prisoner
I watch as they all leave through a passage prisoner in tow.
"damn wish I was in there."
I sit back, and close my eyes...
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User Info: Van_Of_The_Dawn

4 years ago#6

Skrivva sent for me, which usually never happens. She told me I ad to deal with one Hieronymus Lex in the prison district. So I make my way there and see everything's on lockdown, and there are blades agents standing guard. "Great this is just what I need." I decide that the job was secondary.

Besides this would be the perfect opportunity to spring an old friend. I drink Skrivva's potion of chameleon and head into the prisons. "I haven't forgotten about ya Stannis" I thought.
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User Info: Bellethor

4 years ago#7

I froze one of the assassins hips all the way to his feet to the ground, freezing him in place and walked up to him. I created a sword from ice, and held it up to his throat.

"Where's Grec?!"

"He's in Skyrim! Just don't hurt me!"

And with that I slashed the assassin in two with my Ice Blade. His torso fell to the floor while his frozen legs stayed in place. Boy, that sure felt good, just like the days in Grog bandits...

I snapped out of. Nows not the time to daydream. These remaining Blades should be more than enough to take on these Assassins. I went to the stables for my horse and began to ride toward Skyrim. What was Grec doing in Skyrim again? I bet he's back at the ruins of the old manor and village.
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User Info: Curved_Sw0rd

4 years ago#8

"And that, boys and girls, is how you get the most out of fire magic." I finished the lecture by casting two firebolts into the sky, directing them to crash into each other. Quite the display. Honestly lectures weren't my thing, but the idiots they kept around here...

Might want to find Vallus soon...

Ilithil Nightweilder:

The guards called me to the gate, as there was courier who was asking for me. The sting of the sun hadden't wavered over the months, but it was bearable. I would have to repay Valthar for doing this to me.

"Ilithil Nightweilder?" The courier asked. He handed me a letter once I nodded.

MOLAG BAL (I won't hold this one against you)


Never did thank you for the fun we had at the Lake, and Fargyl... You sexy beast you.

It was written in blood, funny, I sipping on some from bottle as I read it. If Valthar wanted to play it that way, then I would oblige him...
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User Info: I_Dont_Agree

4 years ago#9

I found Miles Plinius’ shop and entered. It was musty and dark and surprisingly crowded. Even nobles seemed to shop here. The walls and counters were filled with a multitude of cruel looking objects and torture instruments. Some of this should be illegal. What stood out the most was a series of werewolf heads- four in a row- mounted behind the main counter. It made me sick. I didn’t like this place.

‘’Ah, you look like a hunter! What can I do for you?’’ The balding, overfed Imperial male must be Miles.
‘’I’m just browsing for the moment…’’
‘’Well, take your time! But don’t wait too long! You never know when those sneaky abominations will attack! Why, just the other week one of the demons…’’ He kept talking, but I didn’t listen. I looked at all the weapons, but none really stood out. Except one.
‘’Can I see that?’’ I pointed to a small axe hanging on the wall.
‘’This? Ah you have good taste! This little beauty was made by a master blacksmith, and is one of a kind! It’s called Windchime, due to it making a humming noise when swung. It’s also slightly enchanted to make a chiming sound when it strikes a target, so you can find it easy when thrown.’’
The weapon was gorgeous quality. Steel with a single silver edge, lightweight, and easy to carry. This would be perfect.
‘’How much?’’ I reached for my coin bag.
‘’Well, a work of art like that isn’t cheap. 12,000 gold.’’ The greedy little man’s eye gleamed.
‘’I only have 10,000, but I also have these…’’ I had an idea. I placed a small bag on the counter, ‘’Genuine werewolf claws.’’ Sometimes I would keep my claws if they happened to break off. They grew back, and made great arrowheads.
‘’Ohohoh! You should have told me you were a professional! I would have given you a bigger discount! These will do. Very good.’’ The man was practically drooling. He scooped up his profit and handed me Windchime. ‘’Please, do come back if you need anything more! I also offer tips and tricks specifically for hunting werewolves! I can’t wait to see how many monsters you bag with that weapon!’’

The only thing I wanted to bag was that fat idiot’s head, but that would cause quite a stir amongst these pompous bastards…

I started back toward the University. Vereez was there, probably still giving lectures. She tried giving me a few magic tutorials, but I still couldn’t cast magic. Oh well. I entered just as she was finishing a demonstration.

‘’Hey Vereez, I’m back. Look, I got a shiny new toy!’’

OOC: Windchime:
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User Info: Van_Of_The_Dawn

4 years ago#10
I walked past some cells, still un-noticed. I saw some dark elf hollering some rather mean stuff and I decided to punch him through the bars of his cell. Just for fun.

I went through a little deeper and saw a nord doing some push-ups. Had to be him. I couldn't just blow open the prison, had to be discreet didn't want this to get back to the thieves guild, and I especially didn't want the fighters to know about this.

"Hey Stannis!"
"My phone blew up in my pocket, and my nuts are gone."
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