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User Info: LiqiudusSnake

4 years ago#1
Arizona here and its Live
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User Info: CH3SH

4 years ago#2
Live here in the UK =P
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User Info: lunarsword

4 years ago#3
Not here in Georgia yet
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User Info: Pure_LionHeart

4 years ago#4
Well, I picked a lovely time to stop playing all night and go to bed. >_>

Ah well. Tomorrow it is.
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User Info: HeavyJay901

4 years ago#5
Ohio, is live.

User Info: Monferno_AQW

4 years ago#6
Live in Tennessee.
I only play in Ubers
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User Info: lunarsword

4 years ago#7
Still wasn't showing for me, so I rebooted the whole console...poof, it was up.
"This is all me. This is ALL ME!"
Video play throughs at - http://www.youtube.com/user/DreadArkive

User Info: TheRavenKC

4 years ago#8
Not in Maryland
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User Info: Enzoa7x

4 years ago#9
CH3SH posted...
Live here in the UK =P

Yup! Got it! :)

User Info: Fayt980

4 years ago#10
Live in Maryland!

Also want to note, as I just gasped when I saw it, a muffled pair of iron boots at the blacksmith in Riften talking to him right after I updated, and I'm 81.
Mentioning since perhaps(and I haven't seen this talked about elsewhere) the muffled enchantment and maybe even the poison resist enchantments on items isn't hammered into extreme rarity as hard by leveling anymore.
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