Legendary difficulty and magic

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User Info: chufa

4 years ago#1
I am pretty deep in a Legendary playthrough. Beat the MQ, Dawnguard, etc. and currently sitting at lvl 59. Have maxed out armor and maxed out resistances. I can fall asleep fighting Alduin, Harkon, or any dragon priest or caster and basically take no magic or elemental damage. However, a Forsworn briarheart or Falmer warmonger can inflict serious damage and kill me with melee attacks in a few seconds if I'm not careful. Likewise, killing an ancient/ revered dragon takes just a few swings of dual-wielding weapons whereas killing them with any sort of magic takes forever.

So much love for magic :(
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User Info: LordTalyn

4 years ago#2
Yea even 0 cost lightning storm is pretty worthless on legendary against a guard.
Every mage will need to put stock in serious alchemy to do any damage.
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User Info: robd42

4 years ago#3
There really is no love for magic damage except for enchantments. The Destruction route is just too painful. Did it once, got to 81. Finished Dragonborn, took my perks back.
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User Info: Nefhith

4 years ago#4
chufa posted...
Forsworn briarheart Falmer warmonger

I don't know why. but that made me laugh.
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User Info: Evil_Sandwich

4 years ago#5
Lol n00bZ.

First thing I did when I got the Legendary update on my level 81 mage was fast travel to Ancient's Ascent and fight a fire Legendary dragon using only dual-cast Ignite, didn't take long at all only about a min in a half.

I also slaughtered all the Forsworn at Hag's End and the only enemies there that actually hit me where the Ravager Archers (they do insane damage on Legendary)the dual-wielding Briarheart there died like a b****from dual-cast Incinerate same way he did on Master.

And I'm not even using the elemental DB DP masks or fortify Destructo pots.

Destruction's fine on Legendary, I honsetly don't know what you guys are even whinning about...

User Info: j800r

4 years ago#6
You know, I've not got that far in the game yet but this leads me to one of the things I like about the game now.

They made mages more challenging to play! They are not underpowered or anything, they just have mechanics that make them more interesting. Certain enemies my have elemental resistances meaning you've gotta change your spells to compensate. Enemy casters may decimate you unless you get your ward up at just the right time. Mages are not underpowered like some people have been saying. They are just more balanced finally and melee classes are OP and clunky. There are no interesting mechanics involved with playing a melee class. Just charge in, swing your weapon and watch the enemy die whereas magic actually takes strategy.

Also, don't limit yourself to one perk try. If you're going pure mage, spec into ALL the magic trees plus enchanting. Conjuration will also be important. Mages have never been more fun to play in an ES game than they are in Skyrim.
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