What's the point in glitching your character so much?

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  3. What's the point in glitching your character so much?

User Info: lww99

4 years ago#1
All I see is talk about Oghma and resto looping....Why?

User Info: SpoonForkKnife

4 years ago#2
To me certain characters I roleplay as are very powerful for example my VL he is an ancient and powerful God of omgwtf1337quicknoscope1shot2kill he should be able to walk into a room with 10 people and leave without a scratch.

Most of the time I don't but sometimes it feels right to be OP.
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User Info: silverhunter16

4 years ago#3
Some people like to feel invincible and OP.

Can't tell you why but if they want to take what little challenge this game can possibly offer than it's their chose, even if it's a poor one.
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User Info: CRtwenty

4 years ago#4
lww99 posted...
All I see is talk about Oghma and resto looping....Why?

because it's there
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User Info: MC2011

4 years ago#5
People are lazy and want fast results with little effort.
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User Info: Enzoa7x

4 years ago#6
I like having multiple Followers, mainly to have the travelling party vibe, but personally don't like using (other) glitches.

User Info: MrcTOtheJ

4 years ago#7
Well that's up to them.

For my Mage I RP'd him as powerful at one point he lost most of it and looks like a Scragaly old altmer. When he was a higher level (25's since I wanted to get it out of the way) and I had DG, I got the face Sculpter to make him look young again and RP'd it as a result of his power gaining again, which is one of the reasons he became a VL, to further his own power. He dosen't really care good evil, just more power for him most of the time.

There are some things he won't do, like join the TG, The Companions or maybe the DB since that holds no intrest to him.

That said I considered OI glitching him, but I decided against it.
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User Info: Pootbird

4 years ago#8
I tried it once with my character, got boring after some time, some schools of magic were useless now like alteration and conjuration, I could tank everything
The thought of going into dangerous places and not fearing death isn't good, I got rid of all his restoration-looped items and even threw them into the solsthiem sea so I wouldn't ever get tempted to use them again when I see them.
Im stong enough anyways...
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User Info: theonyxphoenix

4 years ago#9
Typically I don't resto-loop but I do/did use the OI glitch to 81. Granted, I only assigned about 1/3 of my perk points and I don't bother with healing spells or armor. Mainly I want to just play the game to have fun and explore and not worry about dying and having to reset when some random enemy OHKOs me with a kill-cam. My game time is spread thin as it is and I don't want to have to redo hours or work. However I do crank up the difficulty for bosses and dragons. It has to remain at least a little interesting.

User Info: Big_Brownie25

4 years ago#10
I don't enjoy sitting there constantly trying to grind every skill up, it's a huge waste of time for me when I could be doing something else in my life. I just want to get my character's skills and enjoy doing quests and going through random encounters with him/her. Video games are meant to be fun and not feel like a job, at least to me anyways.

If there's an easy way to get what I want without having to spend countless hours leveling the skills up (especially lockpicking) then I'm not gonna hesitate to take it. It's also because it makes it easier to have multiple characters without having to invest hundreds of hours for each character just to get them to lvl 81.

The only thing I regret is missing out on some random encounters that require you to be lower leveled.
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  3. What's the point in glitching your character so much?

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