Been away from the game for a while, have some questions DawnGuard Spoilers(?)

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  3. Been away from the game for a while, have some questions DawnGuard Spoilers(?)

User Info: FatBeastOfLove

4 years ago#1
Hi ho there!
As stated, I haven't picked up and played Skyrim in a while and I have some questions about the DawnGuard DLC that I'd just purchased. I've never been a vampire, and killed Serana's dad, any pros/cons of destroying the sun? Is it even worth leveling my vampire lord powers? Is there a cure to vampirism? I'd hit level 81 before I stopped playing, what's this legendary (y button option) in my talents? Does it wipe the tree, my levels and some magic, health and stam off my character just so i can relevel them to 100? Or is the level cap raised?

Many thanks, friend of friends!
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User Info: njorls

4 years ago#2
Siding with vampires is different, that's all I'll say. You can get artifacts that help vampire lord form
It's definitely worth leveling vampire lord form
You can cure vampirism but I don't know how
Legendary resets a skill to 15 and gives you the perks back, so it removes the level cap
I should go.

User Info: SuperFlik

4 years ago#3
The only thing that changes in Dawnguard if you side with the vampires are access to radiant quests and one main quest. You do not destroy the sun, regardless of which faction you choose.

I don't really care for vampirism myself, but I did max out the perk tree for the achievement.

Once you've become a full fledged vampire, speak with any innkeeper and they'll direct you to Fallion in Morthal, this is the only way to get the quest, as speaking to Fallion directly will not activate it.

When you make a skill Legendary (the skill must first be level 100), it returns any perk points you might have in that tree and resets the skill down to 15. At this point, you can begin leveling said skill again and gain actual levels from it. (right now I'm level 85).

Note that making a skill Legendary does not increase the overall level of the skill. (I.E. leveling a legendary skill to 100 again does not make the overall skill 200) This is only a method to make reaching the level cap easier, without having to use skills that your character wouldn't be using in the first place.
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User Info: WelshDragon89

4 years ago#4
Might as well post this here. In regards to going Legendary then, say I have smithing perks up to dragon smithing, would making the skill legendary mean I can't make dragon stuff anymore?

User Info: martingolding96

4 years ago#5
only until you got back to 100 smithing

User Info: NekoSlave

4 years ago#6
Yeah, you'd have to level it again all the way, and any unimproved Dragon items would not benefit from the 2x power you get from the perk.

You get 10 more stat points to distribute and another perk for each new level though, so eventually (261?) you'll be able to acquire every single perk, as well as large pools of health, mana, and stamina.
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  3. Been away from the game for a while, have some questions DawnGuard Spoilers(?)

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