Did they make the Daedric Armor to appeal to 12 year olds?

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  3. Did they make the Daedric Armor to appeal to 12 year olds?

User Info: Oil_Rope_Bombs

4 years ago#1
Morrowind Daedric Armor was sooo much better. The Daedric Armor we have in Skyrim was a huge disappointment. "HEY LOOK DARK EMO BLACK SPIKY ARMOR SO COOL WOWWW SO DARK AND EDGY!!!1". Couldn't Bethesda thought of something better than this?
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User Info: Durnehviir

4 years ago#2
Really, oil? This topic again? XD

Yeah. It looks like s*** anyone who wears it is a nub!

So on and so forth.
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User Info: A_Hairy_Waffle

4 years ago#3
It really does look like crap.

User Info: Ahzidal

4 years ago#4
Haha I role with deathbone armor
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User Info: MC2011

4 years ago#5

I prefer ebony, iron/banded iron or steel plate.

User Info: IronticsDragonL

4 years ago#6
Daedric Armor does look like crap. Vastly prefer Ebony, you look like a badass samurai with that and the great sword.
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User Info: deadpool223

4 years ago#7
i like daedric. yeah its spikey, thats because its badguy armor.
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User Info: thor23

4 years ago#8
Daedra like spikes. Have you ever been to Oblivion?

User Info: SoulOfFayth

4 years ago#9
I agree that Daedric doesn't look good. And letting the player smith it was a mistake.
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User Info: Dovah_Ah

4 years ago#10
I don't like the look it, but I didn't like Morrowind's either.
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  3. Did they make the Daedric Armor to appeal to 12 year olds?

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