What's the one thing that keeps you coming back to Skyrim?

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  3. What's the one thing that keeps you coming back to Skyrim?

User Info: Sierra-G719

4 years ago#1
For me it's either frustration of the other games I play, or the desire to roam around the place in a semi peaceful environment... With dragons and bandits and cultists who want you dead... And demonic entities seducing you with promises of fame and fortune...

You get the picture.
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User Info: DonjonO

4 years ago#2
The hope that there will one day be enough good mods to make the game less of a total failure

User Info: Spinder1

4 years ago#3
1. The world.
2. Sending people flying with... you know.
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User Info: hp_of_legend

4 years ago#4
Putting an arrow in a guard's knee every time I see a guard.

User Info: FredCat07

4 years ago#5
Achievement and Adventure
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User Info: Anakerie

4 years ago#6
I love roaming the world. It makes me feel free, as silly as that might sound. I usually play as a wandering mercenary, making my coin where I can. When I'm hungry for epic combat, I play Dragon's Dogma but for just sheer roaming and adventuring, Skyrim wins.
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User Info: TheSilentMirage

4 years ago#7
Skyrim has been my 'brain off' game lately. I play it when I just want to screw around and not sit through a lot of story or take on a real challenge.

User Info: Samaellives91

4 years ago#8
Normally just to escape the monotomous nature of the other games I play. Have been playing SC: Conviction and MGR too much lately.
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User Info: Bob_Esrock

4 years ago#9
Sometimes I desire to listen to music on my Xbox when I play a game, but I can't do that with certain games. Skyrim is one of the few games where I can wander aimlessly for hours, making the game exactly what I want it to be while I listen to my music. Saints Row and GTA are similar, but you can't hunt and explore in those really.

So that's why I still play Skyrim, especially now that I made a second character that I don't use fast travel with.
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User Info: TaigaWilliam

4 years ago#10
The many different potential builds and ways to play. I always get ideas about what would be a cool way to play a character, then my brain sets off on the journey to figure out what sort of person would fight like that, then their backstory, then what they would do when dropped into Skyrim like that.

I am currently running around with illusion in my left hand and a dagger in my right. I am an orc who was very briefly raised by goblins, then by nobody when he was kicked out after it was clear that he wasn't just a large baby goblin. He is ugly as sin, and fights like an animal. He goes into berserker rage and attacks with his dagger, when prowling and pouncing doesn't get the job done in one sneak attack. He wears robes because he sneaks and pounces for most of his damage, then goes berserk to avoid damage. He doesn't have the skills to get by in normal society. He has lived as a criminal for many years. This is why he was fleeing to Skyrim. He avoids towns, eats everything (EVERYTHING, BY NAMIRA!) he kills. He is causing mayhem in the name of Nocturnal, who saved him by sending a dragon. He isn't doing the MQ, so he just thinks the dragon save was like rolling a 20 several times.
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  3. What's the one thing that keeps you coming back to Skyrim?

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