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User Info: SpaceCoyote

4 years ago#1
Anyone have a good way to level sneak now? I'm at 89 and I'd like to get Shadow Warrior but it's taking forever yes I did legendary on sneak. Thanks

User Info: arcainen

4 years ago#2
Just sneak everywhere you go. Worked for me.
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User Info: Omega_Gilgamesh

4 years ago#3
Either go to High Hrothgar or the Throat of the World (the latter you can get to by climbing on the rock faces of the mountain at any point) and either sneak attack the Grey Beards every five seconds or do the same with Paarthurnax.
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User Info: jammymacster

4 years ago#4
To add on to the above post do melee sneak attacks as they give a far more experience.

User Info: VasDeferens

4 years ago#5
Sometimes, I also follow those random persons you see on the road, like the farmer going to join the Stormcloaks, or the pilgrim going to the Shrine of Azura, or the party going to Vittoria Vici's wedding . Just follow them in sneak mode .

User Info: EddMario

4 years ago#6
Do the Thieves Guild and/or Dark Brotherhood quest lines.
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User Info: Zero Beat

Zero Beat
4 years ago#7
Summon a creature, sneak attack it.
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Go to Hags End, with either 2 plates or the Ritual Stone. Reanimate the dead assassin, or plate through the wall and strip him of his Ancient Shrouded Gloves and Boots, then sneak attack your way through a few Nord ruins. If you also get the backstab perk, that's 12x damage per sneak attack. Levels Sneak pretty fast.
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User Info: youshallbeasgod

4 years ago#9
Press the sneak button. Do other s***.

Boom. You'll be a ninja soon.
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User Info: SpaceCoyote

4 years ago#10
jammymacster posted...
To add on to the above post do melee sneak attacks as they give a far more experience.

Does this still work in 1.9? I tried it and I didn't think it did.

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