You think the Toeh is your ally?

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  3. You think the Toeh is your ally?

User Info: hoax123

4 years ago#1
You merely adopted to the Toeh. I was born in it, molded by it.
Finally. Mars has accepted my sacrifices and unleashes me. - Legate Lanius

User Info: Ajd_King

4 years ago#2
I didn't see the Zapdos until I was already a man, and by then it was nothing to me but SPOILERS!
"I dream of a future where French people can stuff their asses full of noodles without having their motives questioned."

User Info: lenmutt

4 years ago#3
wow folks still talk about that typo? O.o

User Info: General_Tim

4 years ago#4
Now see what you've done. You've gone and made me immortal.
Superman FTW

User Info: lenmutt

4 years ago#5
General_Tim posted...

a long time ago some user made a simple topic asking about changing sides

in the title the user misspelled other as toeh.... cue topic hitting 500 + tons of fad topics

User Info: Oil_Rope_Bombs

4 years ago#6

User Info: Durnehviir

4 years ago#7
Whatnos take you, fiend.
I am the shadow, I am the darkness, I am the tickling at your spine, I am the whisper in your mind. I am Durnehviir. I will have your soul.

User Info: Curved_Sw0rd

4 years ago#8
r u aven a giggl ther m8
ill bash ye ead in swear on me mum

User Info: Metalgenesis

4 years ago#9
General_Tim posted...

It doesn't matter what toeh is. What matters is its plan.
Black2 FC: 3526 1347 5979 Name: Mia

User Info: Pootbird

4 years ago#10
Tell me where the toeh is, then you have my permission to get grammar checked.
PSN: Goldengeartwo. Steam account: Galvatron
I am the pootbird, Pootbird is deadly, now you know why you shouldn't talk to me like that.
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  3. You think the Toeh is your ally?

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