wait there used to be snow elves?

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  3. wait there used to be snow elves?

User Info: Bane766

4 years ago#11
Ubergrim3 posted...
Sorry, extinct. Blame the Dwarves.

Yeah...they aren't extinct. That's what the Falmer are, dude. As the person above said, they are just 'different'.
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User Info: VincentVega13

4 years ago#12
Ryan-06 posted...
ShaolinAced posted...
I want to be a snow elf!

Go live in a freaking cave and eat nothing but toxic glowing mushrooms for years as an experiment. I wanna see if you turn into FALMER lol...

Expanded on that for you.
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User Info: TheJazzyT

4 years ago#13
Maybe in the next game. Who knows. Skyrim was a leap from Oblivion by 200 years. Maybe in the next one Snow Elves may be closer to themselves again. Or maybe there were a few left over that escaped living underground and slowly repopulated. I really liked the way Gelebor looked in the Dawnguard DLC. I'd love for that to be an option in the next game.
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User Info: RebelElite791

4 years ago#14
Used to be? Last I checked they were all over Skyrim.
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  3. wait there used to be snow elves?

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