? with my Thalmor Build

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User Info: RGPanzner

4 years ago#1
Doing a build based around Pro-Thalmor. Yes I know they are complete dicks. But that is the point of this build I'm doing. I know there is no Altmer followers. So I was thinking I'd use Dead Thrall to enthrall some named ones. Since his back story is he enthralls his own men sometimes even killing them to set a example of his power. I do know I want them to be mages. So I can give them staves to augment their powers.

Was thinking Elewen maybe as a possible thrall. Thought of Orchendor. I know he isn't a Altmer but he is a Bosmer mage.
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User Info: Veezara

4 years ago#2
It says on Uesp that they can equip weapons you place on their corpse. If you are going for Thalmor based thralls how about Ondolemar. I've never tried it but it says online if you make him a thrall then his two bodyguards will follow as well.
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