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User Info: tizimin9

4 years ago#91
Capitán Valiente

Valiente and his men arrive at the Solitude Docks.
Valiente orders his men to prepare to depart, then he heads into the city by himself. He marches into the Solitude Castle. He speaks with the Jarl's assistant, and arranges for the purchase of a cargo ship capable of holding Valiente's horses. His business concluded, Valiente returns to La Joya Arcoiris. He goes into the ship's treasure hold using his key, and fetches another coffer of gold.

The effect of this endeavor's cost is beginning to show on my treasury, but if I can just get my hands on whatever super-weapon that Redguard is planning to build, it will all be worth the cost and effort.

Valiente meets with the dockmaster, exchanges the gold, and returns to his ship. He orders a detachment of thirty men over to the cargo vessel.

His preparations complete, Valiente sets sail, eastbound.

La Joya Arcoiris sails for two-and-a-half hours, until she arrives at the river between Windhelm and Blacklight. Valiente drops anchor, and the cargo ship does the same. Valiente, who has been standing at the helm of his ship this entire time, immediately orders his men,

"Vamonos! Con prisa! If we do not arrive before the Redguard, there won't be any shore leave! We ride like the wind now! We must all ride together. If a single man falls behind, he is to be considered a deserter! And you all know the punishment for deserting, yes?"

Valiente's men nod enthusiastically. Valiente continues,

"On the other hand, any one of you who manages to keep up with me the entire ride will get double rations for the next week, and be given the privilege of enjoying a bottle of the finest booze this land has to offer with me!

One of the junior officers, Alvaro, cries out in jubilation,
"We are with you, Capitán! We will beat the redguard to the ruins, for your honor, for your glory! All hail our mighty Capitán Valiente, the finest leader of men that ever lived!"

"Huzzah!, Huzzah!"

And with that, the men all jump off the ship, racing to their horses. Of course, Valiente leads the crowd and is the first to mount his horse, the finest out of the hundred. The seventy men and hundred horses are off, headed south down the river. Valiente's men race each other, spurring and slapping their horses with enthusiasm.
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User Info: Van_Of_The_Dawn

4 years ago#92
After escaping the gate with another stone, I looked to the north and saw Jian'go and Stannis sitting calmly passing a stone back and forth.
"Took ya long enough.."

User Info: Pootbird

4 years ago#93

I woke up on the tree, I think it was very early morning, I didn't feel the sun on my face but I could see the suns light slightly in the sky.
I jumped down from the tree, looks like everyone left, figures.
Regardless, they probably entered the inn in soltitude.

I arrived in soltitude, the city wasn't very far away.
I entered the inn and saw everyone inside eating.
I pulled up a chair and sat with them.
"Hi everyone, thanks for leaving me on a tree"
I looked at Lysona and Valthar, who both were not very well dressed...and they stank
"I see you two just had the time of your lives"
I put on a grin.
"You'll get used to the sleepiness" I said with a laugh.
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User Info: Falloutgenuis

4 years ago#94
I haven't drank in a while so I figured I would keep up with Valiente. He traveled at a brisk pace. Nothing I couldn't handle. I hope he feared my sword to an extent as to not cross me. Hopefully we may become friends in the future.
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User Info: I_Dont_Agree

4 years ago#96

Lysona gave Elixium a sarcastic smile. I just sighed.

''Not the best subject to discuss over breakfast...'' I said.

I was still hungry so I ordered myself more eggs and Lysona some oatmeal. The innkeeper kept giving us funny looks, since we were ordering so much food, but I just shrugged and payed up.

''Anyway, Valthar over here was thinking about giving up the hunt for Lamae and heading back out. We're going to ask Vereez what she thinks, but we should probably have a general consensus first. What do you think we should do?''
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User Info: Pootbird

4 years ago#97

"Well I've been outcast by the Volkihar, and they refuse to help us, so they aren't much use"
I thought for a moment, Vereez would certainly be unhappy if we gave up on hunting Lamae.
"But if you want to quit hunting Lamae, you should probably tell Vereez this when she's in a good mood, assuming she will be again, that woman is real nasty when she wants to be"
I shrugged
"I understand she went through alot of torture on Coldharbour but Lamae didn't have an easy time either, she was raped by Molag bal for the divines sakes"
The official POOTIS to the Elder Scrolls RP.
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User Info: I_Dont_Agree

4 years ago#98

''You were kicked out of the Volkihar? I'd honestly say that was a good thing.'' I said, laughing.

I remembered the evil, hungry-eyed vampires in the castle. I remember the cold, empty demeanor of Harkon, and his unwillingness to help us even though he had as much to gain as we did. But worst of all I remember the humans. So many helpless humans being used as cattle, waiting to die. It made me sick.

''But like I said, it's really up to Vereez. But I would really hate to say that we came all this way for nothing.''
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User Info: Curved_Sw0rd

4 years ago#99

"I assume since Vereez is such a powerful vampire, she went through the same thing with Bal. Over and over again, too. It only happened to Lamae once. Anyways, lets go ask her about it."

"I'll go get some parchment, I'd rather not have her use the ground to record our conversations." Gwyn chimed in.


I was hanging from a tree like a monkey when Vallus, Lysona, Valthar, Elixium, and Gwyn all showed up. Yay!

I dropped down and presented them the bear.
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User Info: I_Dont_Agree

4 years ago#100

''Aww, for me? You shouldn't have! Wish I hadn't have eaten such a big breakfast though...''

I walked up and pat her in the head. She seemed happy. I looked around for a flat piece of wood. Once I had one I pressed the parchment onto it and handed her the quill. I then backed up slowly...

''We want to ask you a question. Valthar thinks you should give up your grudge against Lamae. Say it's... not healthy. But I said it was your call so here we are asking you what you think.''

I couldn't read what she was thinking at the moment, but I backed up out of arms reach just in case.
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