It seems WAY too easy to screw yourself over in this game.

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  3. It seems WAY too easy to screw yourself over in this game.

User Info: PufTheMgicDingo

4 years ago#1
This is my first Bethesda game, so I'm not really used to how they roll. But one thing that shocks me about this game compared to any other I've played is that there are SO many "dead ends" in this game. Where you can screw yourself over and not be able to reverse it. All it takes it selling something that you didn't know had value or killing someone who is part of a quest. I know it's hard to keep track with the crazy amount of content in this game, but come on Bethesda. I'm afraid to sell anything I have because I'm afraid it will come back to bite me one day.

User Info: mastersword

4 years ago#2
Trust me, it's a lot less dire than it used to be in older Elder Scrolls games. In Skyrim just about any quest-associated NPC is incapable of dying, at least until you've finished the quest related to them. Oblivion had a similar layer of protection, but Morrowind gave no ****s about that sort of thing. You could kill any NPC in Morrowind, and the only way to know you done goofed was if it was an NPC necessary for the main quest; of which there were many. If you were misfortunate enough to slay one of these vital characters you were rewarded with a message across the screen that told you in so many words you screwed everything up. Kill an NPC for, say, the Thieves Guild questline though? No such message.
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User Info: yikole

4 years ago#3
Well, you can't kill most NPCs that are essential to many quests. And you can't sell quest-related items. Soooo....I'd say its kind of hard to screw yourself over.

User Info: LooksForSkooma

4 years ago#4
Yeah open-world games are better on the 2nd or 3rd playthrough when you know about everything (and everyones' dirty secrets). But what are you selling that's ruining your game? Even items you find that are quest-rlated before you get that quest you can't sell. Are you new in general to RPGs though? The rule of thumb with RPGs is really only to sell the loot you find on dead bodies or creatures. Find an odd looking item that there's only one of? DON'T sell it. But it's kinda hard to prevent glitches when they let you step out of a cave and say, "Do whatever you want!" instead of corraling you along a certain path like most games.
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User Info: Nicodaemos

4 years ago#5
Most people related to a quest in any way are unkillable, and most quest-related items cannot be dropped or sold. Exceptions to this rule are only related to some obscure sidequest that is unimportant in the grand scheme of things.
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User Info: SoulOfFayth

4 years ago#6
Are you sure you're playing Skyrim? Because you can't kill essential npcs and can't sell quest related items (even if you're never going to need them anymore). I believe the only 2 exceptions to this are an amulet involved in the dark brotherhood and one npc in the blood on the ice quest.
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User Info: turn_based

4 years ago#7
Make it your last Bethesda game, puff-daddy, it's obvious that Skyrim's complexity, depth, and punishing difficulties just ain't your thang. No big whoop, it ain't for everybody:)

Try dark souls, morrowind, or sacred 2 even?
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User Info: Findertism

4 years ago#8
First Bethesda game? Get Fallout 3 an New Vegas.

User Info: dinosaur-123

4 years ago#9
dude you should play Dark souls or something , NOW THAT GAME is the one that screws you over if you dod something wrong (even tough nothing is wrong and the game is nonlinear in a way that it progresses without certain things anyway) , another one like the dude said is the third game in the TES series ''morrowind'' were you could kill basically anyone and the game wouldn't even care , heck the best the game would say is With this character's death, the thread of prophecy is severed.
Restore a saved game to restore the weave of fate,
or persist in the doomed world you have created.
and that's about it. But anyway don't beat yourself with the hole essential things in skyrim , if it's an item it will say that it cannot be dropped ,and if it's someone they will drop to their knees and do the recovery thing allowing you to escape further conflict.
yeah , I'm serious .

User Info: CrimsonCorp

4 years ago#10
If anything, its kind of hard to screw up any quest, at least in comparison to Morrowind.

miscellaneous quests on the other hand....
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  3. It seems WAY too easy to screw yourself over in this game.

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