Aetherial Crown and Standing Stones

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User Info: DrNewcenstein

4 years ago#1
I know the Aetherial Crown can give you unlimited uses of The Ritual Stone, and I know you can have The Lover Stone (all skills level up faster) and one of the Guardian Stones (Thief/Mage/Warrior skills) to help with leveling up, but what about the Tower Stone?

Can you use it like The Ritual Stone? I know the Tower Stone is limited to Expert-and-under locks, and I was trying to work with it, but I kept finding over-Expert-level locks, and very few locks that the Power would actually work on in one day. By the time I did find another lock, it was the next day and the Power regenerated anyway.
Never tried it on those training chests in the TG, though. Hmmm.

Anyway, not that there's really a lot of useful stone Powers in that respect (at least for my Super-powered gear-wearing character), but has anyone tested the Crown on all the Stones? I mean, I can see where having The Lady Stone (regen Health and Stamina) would go great with say the Atronach or Steed Stone or something, if I were not wearing the gear I have.

What about the Shadow Stone? Granted Invisibility is useless since all you can do is stand there.

And has anyone found a mannequin or follower that can dupe the Crown? I've got 2 mannequins that will dupe, but only the items I initially put on them - and neither item was the Crown :(

Tried the Follower Dupe but only got a copy of one of the swords I dropped with the Crown.
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User Info: silverhunter16

4 years ago#2
Tower stone doesn't work with the Crown; it will only work once a day even if you remove and reequip it.
I know the Atronach and Aprrentice stone work with the crown but I'm unsure about the Lady, Steed, or Shadow stones, they probably do though.

Never been able to duplicate the Crown on mannequins or with followers.
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