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User Info: Gannondwarf432

4 years ago#1
Rules are:
1.No taking control of other peoples characters, saying stuff like "the guards spot and kill Vallus" is not allowed
2. Don't post once and leave, your needed.
3. Stay in character, act like you stated what your character acts like, do what you'd think your character would do etc.
4. If you wish to approve of something that can change the story in a major way, do it over a private message with the person you are doing it with and me. This way, a decision like killing someones character is taken care of professionally and not through arguments. You can send private messages by clicking on a users name and hitting "send PM" on the right hand side.
5. You can have multiple characters if you have shown you are a regular to the game. (1-3 max)
6. When posting for the first time or with a new character in the main thread, take the page your characters info is on this thread and link it in your first post along with your characters name so we all know who you are.
7. There is a limit of 4 arcs at once (great war, and 3 random ones) small groups of people (1-2) do not count as an arc.
8. You can only have 3 characters MAX.
This is the character template, use to it make your character, if 3/5 council members agree then you will be free to post (there's usually at least 1-2 council members at one time so don't worry about waiting too long)




BEAST FORM (if any):




Other Rules:

Available provinces for the RP are: Summerset isle, Valenwood, Hammerfell, Elswyer, Skyrim and Cyrodiil.

Travelling to different provinces:
For a limited time you can go into a different province (Black marsh, Morrowind) but you must...
A. Do what you want quickly and get out.
B. have a partner to go with you so your not interacting with NPCs all the time.
C. Tell the council what exactly you intend to do.

As long as the guild existed at the time of the Great War, you can interact with them or join them.

Being idle:
There's no problem in going away (sleep, school, trip) but if you constantly go away, don't expect to be able to retain full control on an important character that has a large effect on the RP (An arc villain for example) otherwise people may be forced to move on without you.

Other details:

A recap will be posted every thread to keep people up to date, it would be appreciated if at least 1 person per arc made notes of what happened to the group during the thread.

The council make the decisions, but your suggestions are very welcome, feel free to share.

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User Info: Gannondwarf432

4 years ago#2
NAME: Lykos
RACE: Redguard
AGE: 34 (immortal since the end of the Oblivion Crisis)
GUILD/GROUP/UNAFFILIATED: Skaal (formerly), Arena (formerly), Imperial legion (currently)
SEGMENT IN GUILD/GROUP: Shaman (Skaal), Warrior (Arena), Tribune (Imperial legion)
WEAPON/MAGIC OF PREFERENCE: Steel waraxe and sword dual wielded, Destruction, Alteration
OCCUPATION: Soldier in the Imperial Legion

HISTORY OF CHARACTER: All that is known of his birth is that he was born in Hammerfell, his mother died during the birth, and while holding Lykos his father was assassinated by a former Morag Tong member. Lykos grew up in an orphanage in hammerfell. After he left he was a sword for hire for a few years, but quit when he accidentally killed a child on the job. Wanting to live peacefully he took advice from a Nord mercenary, and traveled to Solestheim to join the Skaal. While there he took his skills as a warrior, and combined them with the Shamanistic knowledge he learned to become known as a War Shaman.

Sadly, the peace didn't last. The former Morag Tong member that killed his father was visiting his old assassin friends in Solestheim. When Lykos found this out he went against the chief's orders, and he killed the assassin and his friends in an act of revenge. Because of this he was banished from the Skaal. Lykos would return to Hammerfell, and raise a family. One night he came back from hunting with his friends to find his whole family slain. After the funerals he traveled to the arena in Cyrodil hoping to die an honorable death.

Death never came. In its place was an Argonian named One-With-Wind with a job offer. Lykos took it not knowing that he, One, and an Imperial named Lucius would go on to kickstart the Oblivion Crisis. During the journey Lykos met a Dark Elf named Breyla. After the quest was over the two would grow a relationship that led to marriage. When One told him what their deed had done months later they decided to help stop the Crisis. While traveling to Riften to recieve aid the group was ambushed by vampires. They spared an innocent vampire child named Julia.

This changed their plans and they all went to Solestheim instead except for One who still went to Riften. Along the way they met an assassin named Darius. He joined them, but sided with Lucius in his betrayal of Lykos by killing Breyla and kidnapping Julia. Fueled by revenge Lykos found One and they fought Lucius and Darius. With Lucius dead by Darius's hands Lykos allowed Darius to retreat. Lykos became immortal with the help of One's alteration spell, and he raised Julia as his own kin.

He joined the Legion shortly before the great war, and when it began he was tasked with forming a small group to combat the Dominion's allies known as Free Compamy. With Judoc and Stryder by his side they killed all but three of Free Company. Lykos sacrificed himself so the two could leave. The new Darius, Z'kard, and Edward took Lykos and gave him to the Thalmor. He is currently being tortured by Elenwen.

FAMILY: All deceased

PERSONALITY: Quiet, Protective, Serious, Trustworthy

HAIR: Buzzed Black hair
EYES: Grey and Brown
FACE AND FACIAL HAIR: 5 o'clock shadow
BODY: 6'2, Big and Muscular
CLOTHING/ARMOUR: Steel armor, boots, and guantlets dyed Imperial Legion colors with Imperial Legion symbols, Redguard hood, Necklace holding the teeth and claws of wolves/bears

LIKES: Hunting, Sand, Respectful and Honorable People, Wind
DISLIKES: Necromancy, Assassins, Taking a life for no reason, Elenwen, The Darius family of assassins

AMBITIONS: To win the war for the Imperial Legion
REASONS FOR AMBITIONS: He has seen horror and death on a massive scale before (Ob.Crisis) He believes that if the Aldmeri Dominion wins it will be similar
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User Info: Gannondwarf432

4 years ago#3
NAME: Azrael
RACE: Redguard (Khulari strain of vampirism)
AGE: 28 (Actually 199, immortal because of vampirism)
WEAPON/MAGIC OF PREFERENCE: Destruction- Fire, Alteration, Vampiric powers, Ebony Trident, Bloodscythe and Soulrender
REGION OF BIRTH: Sentinel, Hammerfell

HISTORY OF CHARACTER: Both of Azrael's parents were bandits in the Alik'r desert. On the day Azrael was born their camp was raided by soldiers. All the bandits including Azrael's parents were killed because they wouldn't stand down. When Azrael was found he was taken to an orphanage where he would stay til he was 18. Afterwards he was a mercenary for ten years. One day he was clearing out a large bandit camp. All of the bandits had been taken care of, but he was fatally injured.

As Azrael neared his death a man found him. The man bit Azrael's neck, and everything went black. When Azrael awoke he was in a cave surrounded by Vampires. The vampires were a group called the Red Sand. They did every dirty deed possible. This group accepted Azrael into their order. He spent 100 years rising through the ranks, and the leader of the clan(Dante) felt threatened by Azrael's growing power.

Sides were quickly taken and a fight was inevitable. They tore each other to pieces. Dante was ancient and powerful, but not as fast as Azrael. Their battle managed to reach the middle of the desert, and when the sun rised only Azrael made it back. Later that night Azrael found Dante's armor and weapon in the sand. He took them, and went back to the remaining members of the Red Sand. He had earned his role as leader.

For the remaining years leading up to the Great War the Red Sand prospered under his leadership. But, the Legion had enough of their deeds so the group was attacked. Only Azrael made it out. Now he is free from his duties, and he is looking to turn the world upside down.

He intends to do so by being part of a legendary pirate crew. As part of this crew he became friends with Captain Snakefang and a man who he calls Steele. While on the quest for Deathbrand their ship was attacked and Azrael killed the attacking Kraken. After he washed up on shore he became friends with Movarth, and Azrael has recently joined back up with the old pirate crew.

FAMILY: Dante (Maker, Deceased)

PERSONALITY: Chaotic, very aggressive, very unforgiving towards those who double-cross him, uncaring to those who disagree with him, prefers destructive methods in battle, rebel

HAIR:Black Cornrows
SKIN: Dark Tan
BODY: 6'0, lean and muscular
BEAST FORM (if any): None

LIKES: Being well fed, having chaotic fun, poison making, women, rum
DISLIKES: the sun, priests, religious places, all governments, authority that he doesn't agree with, krakens

AMBITIONS: To live his immortal life to the fullest
REASONS FOR AMBITIONS: He believes his curse is a gift

Vampiric strengths: Increased strength, speed, endurance. Immune to paralysis, poison, disease. Iron and steel weapons pass through him as if he was made of sand. His bite causes long term paralysis. Can levitate. Vampiric charm. Can climb almost anything. Sees the invisible and in the dark.

Vampiric weakness: In sunlight very low endurance and magic regeneration. Slowly turns to ash in sunlight. Senses and powers are weak when in the sun. Slowly turns to dust in holy places. Must feed every 24hrs or becomes feral.
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User Info: Gannondwarf432

4 years ago#4
Name: Elixium (Also known as Ellie or Lixie for short)

Race: Altmer Vampire Lord

Gender: Male

Age: 371

Weapons/Magic: Illusion, Black katana, Fangs, claws and martial arts.

Guilds/Groups: Thalmor (formerly), Akavir (formerly), Volkihar (formerly), Knights of the nine (formerly)

History of character: after the events of the Oblivion crisis, he went to the summerset isle to become an author and publish a book on the Oblivion crisis, however in the next 171 years when he was living a quiet life, he was slowly becoming influenced by the thalmor, believing their theories on Talos not being a god and that High elves are the only Race worthy of great power and civilisation, he joined the Dominion, and because of his great skills in Illusion and his determination, he slowly rose to the rank of general.

He formed his own small army, still serving the Thalmor, they were hardened versions of the typical Thalmor soldier, fearing nothing but their own leader.
Ellie knows the thalmor are very reluctant of his service, as Ellie was not a Pure Altmer (Vampirism) and he has been known to have had sex on several occasions, breaking the selective breeding.

After being burned badly after Vereez flew into a rage when she found he had joined the thalmor, Ellie was left crippled for a long while, having to rely on magic for offense.
Vereez and Elenine worked together to use a form of blood-magic healing to get him back in shape

Family: Ellie's true family were his vampire mother and father, Both Altmer. His mother was the cult leader of a group of Volkihar-strain vampires while his father was a cattle that his mother fell in love with, Ellie was the result of this Relationship, he was born a vampire, as the two Vampire genes were both used in his birth. His parents were eventfully found and executed, Ellie was sent to an Orphange in Valenwood, where he was adopted by an Akavir master Bosmer, he was sent to Akavir to live a happy life, until all that ended in his teenage years when it was destroyed by a nord bandit party.

Personality: During the oblivion crisis, Ellie was a charismatic young-looking vampire who could use many seductive advantages, but when he was possessed by Molag he got alot darker, this eventually lead attention to Vereez, which Ellie has a crush on.

In the Great War currently, his personality is under a great change, it seems like the charismatic guy he was no longer exists. Alot of people hate him too.

Build: Ellie has grown a little more muscle since the Oblivion crisis, but he is still not a muscular as the typical Nord or Orc.

Height: tall like all high elves.

Skin: Gold colour when recently fed and pale yellow when blood starved

Face and facial hair: his face is exactly the same as it was 171 years ago (vampirism trait) but he has a very slight beard, like a man getting up in the morning and needing to shave. His eyebrows are also quite thick.

Eyes: Red with black pupils, his eyes give off a slight orange hue.

Hair: Black, dropping to the neck, his hair is swept back into a ponytail, with some hair still dropping on his forehead, more hair covers his ears.

Clothing: A black hooded cloak, which doesn't have a skirt like the typical Mage robes (Ellie finds them distracting), bandages around his arms and some around his torso, black trousers, gray boots and black gloves that cover up to above his wrists.

Beast form (If any):

Goals: to win the war and to find out what happened to Errisare, to look after Elenine.

Reasons for goals: He wants what's best for Elenine, nothing else matter.

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User Info: Gannondwarf432

4 years ago#5
NAME: Darius V (Darius I & Darius IV)
RACE: Imperial
AGE: 194 (Darius I's age) 22 (Darius IV's age)
GUILD/GROUP/UNAFFILIATED: House Hlaalu (Former), Imperial Legion (Former), Free Company (Former), The Empire
SEGMENT IN GUILD/GROUP: Noble (Former), Penitus Oculatus (Former), Member (Former), Henchman / Assassin
REGION OF BIRTH: Vivec, Morrowind (Darius I) / Bravil, Cyrodiil (Darius IV)
OCCUPATION: Henchman / Prisoner / Assassin for the Emperor
Born in Vivec, Darius I grew tired of the mundane and serious attitude that surrounded him so he left for the Imperial City at a young age. There he saw many adventurers and was inspired to travel the world, entertain himself at the misfortune of others and earn some money. These goals lead him into a quarrel with the Dark Brotherhood. That guild persuaded Darius not to spend much time in Cyrodill.

He eventually met Lykos and his party and helped them in their quest. He raided oblivion portals with them. When the time came, he sided with Lucius in the kidnapping Julia and the assassination of Breyla. Soon, the two parties (Lykos & One against Lucius & Darius I) had a fight, the fight resulted in Darius killing Lucius, to spare his life. He then buried Lucius and organised a funeral, inviting Lucius' family. There he met his wife, Lucius' sister.

Soon he produced heirs to the fortune he had had amassed, training each of them, all was well until he found himself trapped in Boethiah's realm.

Darius IV was from a long line of assassins, Darius I starting the tradition of travelling assassins. Trained from birth, Darius had been used to murder and seems to murder without any negative emotions. Having been born into an Imperial family, he joined the Empire and was soon in the Penitus Oculatus due to his skill set. Finding himself surrounded by the plebeian and the mundane, he left for something more interesting. He left to cause chaos for the dominion.

As an assassin for the dominion, Darius found a contract to kill an imperial Legate in Skaven. Aiding him was one of his friends, Fynn. In order to fulfil his contract he had to get past the Legate's escort, Stryder, this caused him to have many more enemies.

After the contract he managed to escape, although Fynn had not. Seeking to be more powerful, he summoned Boethiah and absorbed the soul of Darius I. Having done this he went to join another of his allies, Edward of Daggerfall, in creating the Free Company. After a small adventure on the island they returned to plunder many villages. The three (Edward, Darius and Z'kard) playing a big role in the success of the company.

Soon after, the Free Company was destroyed by Stryder, Lykos and a traitor. Everyone in the Company died except, Edward, Darius and Z'kard. Receiving payment Z'kard left the Company while the remnants of the Company went on a trip for revenge.

Their escapade failed horribly, Edward of Daggerfall being slain and Darius V being given to the Empire.

Darius is now a servant to the Emperor, being given various quests.

FAMILY: Darius III was his father / grandson, an assassin who donned the robes of a doctor. Darius IV's mother was an imperial who died attempting to aid the dominion.

PERSONALITY: Happy, Slightly sadistic and insane

HAIR: Black
EYES: Black
FACE AND FACIAL HAIR: Almost always smiling, lacking in facial hair due to the body being 22
SKIN: Pale white
BODY: Small
CLOTHING/ARMOUR: Harlequin's Attire

LIKES: Himself, Imperials, Dunmer, Padomay, Linzi, Lykos
DISLIKES: Boredom, the Plebeian, Racists, Linzi, Lykos, Stryder

AMBITIONS: To not be bored
REASONS FOR AMBITIONS: Boredom is for the plebeian, in his/their opinion
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4 years ago#6
NAME: Temur
RACE: bosmer
GENDER: male
AGE: 33
GUILD/GROUP/UNAFFILIATED: the Empire (former), the Aldmeri Dominion
SEGMENT IN GUILD/GROUP: general (former), soldier
WEAPON/MAGIC OF PREFERENCE: elven war axe and light elven shield, adept level fire spells

Temur was born in the Imperial City and he joined the legion as soon as he could. He had a younger brother, who followed in Temur's footsteps. Temur steadily advanced in ranks and was moved from the Imperial City to Solitude. There, he served in the 13th legion, under the command of Segunivus Maro. Temur’s brother followed him to the 13th legion, and soon after becoming a scout, met his end in a failed scouting mission. Temur was devastated at the loss of his younger brother, but he soon learned to suppress nearly all of his emotions, thinking they were naught but a sign of weakness. His loyalty to the Empire slowly started to fade, but he hid it to the best of his abilities. He carried on with his work in the legion like nothing had happened and continued to impress his superiors.

At one point, rumors about Temur having ties to the Dominion had started to spread amongst some of the men, Maro included. But, they were dismissed as rumors, seeing as Temur had always been loyal to the Empire. Eventually, Temur got to the point where only Maro was higher ranking than him in the 13th. Maro’s death or retirement would mean that Temur would be promoted to legate. Maro was later poisoned by Temur, but the poison didn’t kill him, only paralyzed him. Temur got his promotion and he quickly won the respect of his men (they obviously had no idea about Temur poisoning anyone). Maro couldn’t prove it, but he had his suspicions that Temur was behind the poisoning. He was proved right when Temur appeared one night at Maro’s home, which, alongside Maro, burned to the ground.

During the beginning of the Great War, Temur was in Cyrodiil, fighting the Thalmor threat. He joined Vereez’ legion in defense of Bravil, but was blinded by his chance to get revenge on Judoc. He was imprisoned by Vereez after Stryder found out about Temur’s past time activities.

After Bravil fell, he joined the Dominion, after having contact with them during his time in the legion.

FAMILY: younger brother (deceased), parents (deceased)

PERSONALITY: determined, ruthless, somewhat suicidal (he enjoys fights where he is outnumbered), unforgiving, callous, ambitious, cruel, loyal, mute

HAIR: slicked back, black
EYES: amber
FACE AND FACIAL HAIR: narrow face, no facial hair
SKIN: light tan
BODY: short like most bosmers, slender, but muscular
CLOTHING/ARMOUR: ebony armor
BEAST FORM (if any): no

LIKES: warfare and fighting, near death experiences, being in control, being feared and respected by others, loyalty, inflicting pain (physical and emotional) on others
DISLIKES: disobedient people, peace, overly emotional people, cowards, people who have wronged him (Vereez, Stryder, Judoc)
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User Info: Gannondwarf432

4 years ago#7
NAME: Linzi
RACE: breton
GENDER: female
AGE: 26
GUILD/GROUP/UNAFFILIATED: Bards College, unaffiliated
WEAPON/MAGIC OF PREFERENCE: silver shortsword, adept level restoration, destruction
OCCUPATION: bard, traveller

HISTORY OF CHARACTER: The only child of her parents, Linzi lived her childhood in Solitude. She started attending the Bards College there from the age of 9. She worked as a bard in the tavern there. At the age of 20, she left Solitude to get a job in the Imperial City. After stopping at Dawnstar, she met Judoc in the Pale region. Linzi saved Judoc life, who was mauled by a bear. She looked after him for 3 days, after which Judoc was fully recovered. They decided to travel together to the Imperial City. After safely getting there, Linzi decided to forget the job offer at the inns of the Imperial City, and started to travel together with Judoc. They've journeyed across Tamriel, and have grown quite fond of each other's company.
While in Hammerfell with Judoc, Linzi was captured by a sadistic legion general. She was rescued in Bravil, by Stryder and Vereez, and was captured again by Judoc’s old allies from the Free Company.

FAMILY: Judoc (companion/partner/boyfriend), parents who live in Solitude, every fellow bard

PERSONALITY: Sincere, kind, always full of joy, interested about nearly everyone's story, open towards all people no matter the race, social or political standing. Might come off as a little naive to some people. Often acts as a voice of reason and insight to Judoc.

HAIR: auburn, lush, long
EYES: blue, large
FACE: small features
SKIN: fair
BODY: petite, 4'9" / 88 lbs.
CLOTHING/ARMOUR: studded armor (Skyrim)
BEAST FORM (if any): no

LIKES: Playing, singing, dancing, Judoc, journeys to new places, meeting new people.
DISLIKES: Rude people, spending long times at the same place, people who prevent others be who they want.

AMBITIONS: None at the moment, just wants to spend time with her boyfriend.
REASONS FOR AMBITIONS: Self explanatory.
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4 years ago#8
NAME: Judoc Le Guen
RACE: Imperial
GENDER: male
AGE: 29
GUILD/GROUP/UNAFFILIATED: the Imperial Legion (former), the Free Company (former), unaffiliated (he is loyal to Linzi and his few friends)
WEAPON/MAGIC OF PREFERENCE: Steel longsword, a dagger for skinning animals and hunting shortbow
REGION OF BIRTH: High Rock, Jehanna

The son of Camilla Le Guen (imperial mother) and Mael Le Guen (breton father), Judoc was born in an inn in High Rock, on the road from Jehanna to Solitude. There, Judoc lived under constant fear of his father, who’d beat his mother. That all changed on one evening, when Judoc found his mother dead, his father standing over her dead body. Mael tried to kill Judoc as well, but failed doing so and Mael met his end at the hands of his 7 year old son. Judoc was found by a legionnaire named Segunivus Maro stopping for a drink on his way to Solitude. Segunivus took Judoc with him to Solitude. The Legion took him in by Maro’s request to help around until he was old enough to swing a sword.
The Legion:
Segunivus raised Judoc as his own child and at the age of 12, Judoc was deemed ready to start his training to become a legion scout. He passed the training with no real trouble. When he was 20, Judoc was considered to be capable of leading a small scouting party. The group consisted of 4 others and their goal was to find the den of the pirates in the Sea of Ghosts and report back with the numbers and location of the pirates. The pirates had hostages from their last raid. Judoc decided that the newest scout was to head back while the rest stayed back and rescue the hostages. They got the hostages out safely, but they were spotted while making their own escape. The patrol was surrounded by the pirates and only Judoc was left standing. After they returned to Castle Dour, Judoc was kicked out of Legion for disobeying orders and getting the 3 men in his patrol killed. They would had thrown him in prison but Segunivus talked the others out of it.
After the Legion:
After getting kicked out, Judoc left Solitude. He traveled across Tamriel for 3 years. Whilst escaping a blizzard in the Pale region to a cave, he was mauled by a bear, but Judoc managed to kill it. He awoke the next day in his tent, near a campfire, bandaged up, with a breton girl stoking the fire. The woman introduced herself as Linzi. It took 3 days for Judoc to recover from the bear’s attack. After Judoc recovered from the wounds, he decided to accompany Linzi on her journey, keeping her safe from the dangers along the road, to repay her for saving his life. They started travelling together after Linzi had finished her business in the Imperial City.
Two years ago:
Judoc met with his step-father, who was dying of a poisoning. Maro helped Judoc find out the truth about his parents’ death. Linzi and Judoc travelled to Hammerfell, where Linzi was captured, and Judoc went on a quest to get reunited with her. He found her again in Cyrodiil, in the Imperial City

FAMILY: Linzi, Segunivus Maro (step-father, deceased), Camilla Le Guen (mother, deceased), Mael Le Guen (father, deceased)

PERSONALITY: quiet, calm, patient, reliable (it’s not easy to earn his trust though), not a people person, extremely protective over Linzi

HAIR: dark brown buzz cut
EYES: brown, left eye is blind
FACE AND FACIAL HAIR: has noticeable scars on the left side of his face, goatee
BODY:6'1"/198 lb. well-built
CLOTHING/ARMOUR: (ignore the goat, not my picture)
BEAST FORM (if any):no

LIKES: Linzi, cooking, hunting, travelling, music, watching the campfire, night sky, peace and quiet
DISLIKES: bears, loud towns and cities
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4 years ago#9
NAME: Silver
RACE: Breton
AGE: 21
SEGMENT IN GUILD/GROUP: Black Flame (title he is known by)
WEAPON/MAGIC OF PREFERENCE: Flame Cloak, throwing knives, Ninjato, unarmed combat.
REGION OF BIRTH: Jerall Mountains, between the Cyrodil-Skyrim border.
OCCUPATION: Assassin and information gatherer.

HISTORY OF CHARACTER: Being raised in the Jerall Mountains, Silver never really had any contact with anyone but his family, and a friend of his father, a dunmer named Avon, but Silver called him "Uncle". Silver's father, a retired Blades Agent, had taught him how to fight with both sword and fists from an early age, to protect himself when he would inevitably goes out on his own adventure. A quick study, Silver picked up the basics of pugilism and swordplay relatively fast, and by age 8, he was just barely unable to defeat his father in sparring matches.

However, by age nine, part of his father's past had caught up and reared its ugly head. One day when he returned from solo training, he had seen a strange man sneaking around his family's home. Curious, he went up to approach the man, but something happened. Something that caused him to black out, with no memory of what happened after that. The next thing he remembers is his house aflame and his parents' corpses by several dead Thalmor agents. Avon then came running from out of the woods, happy that he found Silver alive, explaining that he saw him next to his parents and went into a blind rage, killing the Agents that were there.

Left with no other family, Silver was taken in by Avon, or "Uncle", who taught him about fire magic. Silver took a liking to the fire cloak, and with Avon's experience and teaching, he was able to learn how to manipulate the spell. However, haunted by his parents death, Silver has sworn to help his Uncle out as much as he can, as a form of repentance for being unable to save his family. This path has taken him to a life of assassinations, kidnappings, and seclusion, leaving him very naive and innocent viewpoint, despite his rather dark career.

However, since joining Vereez's legion under orders from his uncle, Silver has grown to be less naive and innocent, and has even gotten into a strong relationship with Aeya. During the time between the Bravil and Chorrol switch, he has spent his time training, learning more about things, and talking with his fellow legionnaires that he has become friends with.

FAMILY: Dead, save for his "Uncle".


PERSONALITY: Kinda innocent, serious in combat, blunt, easily amazed, hates failure

HAIR: Messy, bed head- esque black
EYES: Green
SKIN: Fair, very faded scars on his palms, and a permanent burn mark scar on his right shoulder
BODY: Medium build, muscular
CLOTHING/ARMOUR: Street Clothes/Regular wear: a red tunic with black pants and a leather coat.
Fighting/Job wear: Legion armor, or a set of dark green leather armor with a face mask

LIKES: Meat, meeting new people, silence, improving his skills, difficult targets, his "Uncle", Aeya
DISLIKES: Pessimists, Thalmor, cabbage, the Dark Brotherhood, self-failure.

AMBITIONS: To figure out who ordered the hit on his family and to help his "Uncles' " company grow more powerful
REASONS FOR AMBITIONS: For closure and as a form of self-imposed repentance.
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4 years ago#10
NAME: Yami
RACE: Bosmer
GENDER: Female
AGE: 92
WEAPON/MAGIC OF PREFERENCE: Ebony bow, Steel short sword
OCCUPATION: Legion soldier

HISTORY OF CHARACTER: Born to a poor family, Yami and her older brother, Argorn, were both sold into slavery when they were 6 and 9 respectively. For five years, they were slaves to a mining company owner, along with dozens of other people of all races and ages. Three years after starting their slave work, Argorn had joined a plot to overthrow their owner, but someone snitched, causing everyone involved to be killed or sold to a slave run show. Yami, stricken with grief, had started talking to an old bosmer, who instructed her in how to use a bow.

After 6 years, when Yami was 15, she had finally decided to attempt to do what the previous uprising failed to do: kill the mine owner. Informing no one of her plan, and armed with only a makeshift bow & arrows, and a tip of a broken pickaxe, Yami had snuck out of the slave quarters after killing two guards with her bow and entered the mine owner's house. There, she found the owner, a rather fat imperial man, eating food by the pound. Engrossed in his smorgasbord, the owner didn't see Yami sneaking up on him until she was right on him, where she stabbed his eyes out with the pickaxe tip, then demanded to know where her brother was. After much… coercion, the owner finally said that the last he saw of him was on his way to a show run by slaves. With that information, Yami then skewered the man's heart before helping herself to the food the man was gorging himself on, mostly the wine and mead.

After she left the mine (and freed the slaves of course), Yami started searching for her brother, but rather passively, because she felt that they would meet again when the time was right. Since then, she had traveled all around, partying whenever and wherever she could. That is, until she decided to join the Thalmor in hopes that this might be the time and place for her to finally be reunited with her brother.

But after learning that the Thalmor supported slavery and were enforcing it, Yami quickly changed sides and joined the Legion, where she has gained trust and has become an asset to them. Her patience have gotten a bit better by having talks with Aeya and Zulla.

FAMILY: Her missing brother and parents that sold her.

PERSONALITY: Short tempered, fun loving, mischievous, money/treasure seeking, rebellious.

HAIR: White, shoulder length straight hair
EYES: Green
SKIN: Typical bosmer tanned color.
BODY: Hot (Ok, seriously though, medium frame and about 5' 4")
CLOTHING/ARMOUR: Blue tunic with red pants, black boots, and a green headband (similar to Snake's from MGS) when going into combat.

LIKES: Alcohol, partying, her brother, money/treasure
DISLIKES: Her past, her parents, mines, slavery

AMBITIONS: To reunite with her brother and kill her parents
REASONS FOR AMBITIONS: He's the only family she has left and she wants revenge for the 9 years of torture she had to endure because of them.
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