Greybeards or Blades?

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User Info: Hitskin

4 years ago#1
I supposably have to choose now...

kill Paarthurnax or let him live

who offers me the most, the greybeards or the blades
and do i get a dragon soul for killing Paarthurnax?

what did you pick??
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User Info: Stormvale12

4 years ago#2
You get a dragon soul, but the Greybeards give you the locations of words of power. Blades don't really offer you anything.
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User Info: The_Ivory_Man

4 years ago#3
Kill someone who saved the world? Don't forget Parthy is the one who taught people how to shout and helped overthrow Alduin.

The Blades serve the Dragonborn.
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User Info: Hitskin

4 years ago#4
but they wont serve me unless i kill him, right?
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User Info: -Oath-

4 years ago#5

User Info: LordTrinen

4 years ago#6
Hitskin posted...
but they wont serve me unless i kill him, right?

Correct. And this really puts the loyalty of the Blades into question. The claim to serve you yet they keep trying to boss you around. They claim to have spent centuries looking for you or someone like you yet they basically kick you out of their order unless you do exactly what they say?

Side with the Greybeards. Previous generations of the Blades may have been awesome but the current one is a bunch of idiots.

User Info: CrimsonCorp

4 years ago#7
I killed Parthy just yesterday for the very first time, with my 5th character.

It was sickening. I nearly puked at my own wretchedness.
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User Info: nightcola

4 years ago#8
This game really needs an option to tell Delphine exactly what you think of her lol or an option to kill her instead of Parth.
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User Info: DrNewcenstein

4 years ago#9
Agreed. That's probably the easiest choice to make in the whole game; Paarthurnax over the Blades every time.

Delphine: "Oh, well the Blades were originally Dragon Hunters, so we're like all about that now", and "it doesn't matter that he helped humans defeat the dragons millenia ago, he killed one person so he's a monster who must die die die".

Paarthrunax:"I'm tired of watching humans slaughtered needlessly by tyrants. Here, learn our language, and fight for your freedom."

Hmmm, seems pretty clear to me.
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User Info: FMLG

4 years ago#10
Question: Is your username supposed to be Histskin or is it actually meant to be hitskin?
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