Best build for a beginner?

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User Info: Lord_Shadow_19

4 years ago#11
You wanted a race as well, sorry.

Bretons are pretty much the best race since their racial remains useful the whole game (and is really nice early on when magic can be a pain to deal with). However, though the racial is nice, you won't be hurting yourself if you want to play a character that you might find more appearing, perhaps if you want a more beastial character such as Argonians or Khajiit for example, or the dark skinned Redguards maybe.

Again, while in terms of gameplay, Bretons have the most useful racial ability, when creating a character that you'll have to do deal with for likely dozens, perhaps hundreds of hours, pick what you like and don't worry about racial bonuses and abilities, they aren't so amazing that you'd be hurting yourself by picking a different race, the game is fairly easy anyway so you'll have no trouble regardless of racial selection.

I would have recommended a stealth archer like the poster above me did as it is ultimately the most overpowered playstyle, but it's also a very slow playstyle, and you might find it more fun to go through dungeons quicker.

If you do want to try that however, I have some recommendations:

Light Armor:
Wearing light armor makes it easier to sneak since your armor weighs less, and heavy armor gets an additional check against it when sneaking (or at least I'm told it does). That said, all you need to get here is 5/5 agile defender, and custom fit. Unhindered (which functions the same as Heavy Armor's "conditioning") is less useful here since light armor already weighs very little, and any slowdown in your movement is virtually non-existent.

Go up the left side of the tree all the way up to Dragon this time instead of going up the right path.

Get 5/5 Overdraw, Eagle Eye, 2/2 Steady Hand, and quick shot. Critical shot is from my understanding, not as good as it sounds since it only takes base weapon damage into account so it lags behind as you improve your bows through smithing and enchants, but going up the right side to get to ranger was worth it for me so I would put one point into it, and the worthless arrow recovery perk.

1h weapon:
Unless you spend time seriously grinding your sneak early on, you'll be spotted plenty early on in the game, and archery takes a few perks before it gets really good, so you'll want the 5/5 armsman perk, and perhaps the 2 dual wielding perks. Use daggers this time, the sneak tree makes them very powerful, and dagger sneak attacks seriously level up sneak as well.

Enchanting and Alchemy:
Take the "must have" perks I pointed out in my other post.;
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