Witchblade/Spellsword build?

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User Info: EpicDovahkiin

4 years ago#1
I'm thinking of a good build that matches my Morrowind and Oblivion characters' builds. They used Medium Armor, Shortblades, and Destruction Magicka. Since Shortblades and Medium Armor aren't in Skyrim, what's a good replica. If you need to know my Major/Minor skills from Morrowind and Major Skills from Oblivion, feel free to ask.
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User Info: deadpool223

4 years ago#2
light armor, probably. shortswords might need to just be longswords
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User Info: silverhunter16

4 years ago#3
With Dragonborn, you can mimic medium armor by using Bonemold or Stalhrim.

As for shortsword, you're screwed unless you decide to use daggers but that's risky as there is a very limited numbers of way to boost their damage outside of perks.
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User Info: nnytherkiller

4 years ago#4
Witchblade? Well Take off all your armor, and punch people with the witchblade.
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User Info: hepkatt

4 years ago#5
I like light armor, one handed, illusion, conjuration, destruction, restoration, enchanting, smithing, alchemy and sneak. Becoming leader of Companions and Mages College is good too 'cause the Arch Mage robes plus a circlet with increase magicka and regenerate magicka and some light boots and gauntlets is a cool combo. I always carry a full set of light armor for difficult up close fights tho. Like dragons.
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