Thank you Bethesda!!

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User Info: yoshifan1

4 years ago#11
It really wasn't a fix as much as a breaking a feature, the ability to store the Oghma Infinium in the bookshelf to "fix" an exploit. Bethesda is kind of hit-and-miss at fixing game-breaking bugs. The previous Elder Scrolls games should be proof enough. - Come on down and have some fun! - Happy fun land

User Info: AflockOfHippies

4 years ago#12
Rikan_G posted...
For Fixing the Evil Oghma Infinium glitch and ignoring completely the game breaking Ruby Claw glitch in the Legendary Edition. </rant>

What glitch is this? Just ordered the legendary edition since all my DLC/game save data didn't transfer from console 1 to console 2 with my profile. I downloaded the free full game Skyrim code that came with the new console and it is ready to play. Gonna use the DLC disc on the legendary to download that as well, but play off the copy on my hard drive.

I have seen several people complaining about bugs and glitches with the legendary edition. Most I learn to live with or work around, (a lot with help from people on here) but if this is a game breaking one (as some are) was wondering where I would run into it so it doesn't hit me by surprise.

If the problems with the legendary edition are really that bad though, I hope using the copy already on my hard drive will spare me. Unless the problems are in the DLC which I will be using.
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User Info: Apex1619

4 years ago#13
Thank You Bethesda for not fixing the Aerin follows Mjoll around everywhere glitch.
And thank you for not adding a Rorikstead quest where Leimkil dies at the end
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User Info: Rikan_G

4 years ago#14
There is a "Dragon Door" that won't open. The rings turn but it won't open. And You can't turn back on the dungeon because you fall down a well and the only exit is the glitched door.
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