My biggest annoyance....

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User Info: RavensRules69

4 years ago#1
Really, I've been lucky so far, haven't encountered any HUGE glitches or bugs, and while I do kinda miss the Speech and OI exploits, I understand why they finally fixed them. But what really has always gotten on my nerves, is what I call Unavoidable Quest Addition.

Being somewhat of a completionist, I get irritated when, for example, my non-thieving Warrior lingers too long in the wrong spot in Riften, and Brynjolf comes up to me and forces the Join the Thieves' Guild quest into my journal, leaving me with a choice of either leaving it there forever, or stepping out of character and joining (which would be pointless, since that adds the whole faction questline to the journal).

Or having to avoid lingering too long near the main gate in Markarth to avoid getting the Forsworn quest, glitched and unfinishable as it is/was, although that particular bug seems to have been fixed.

The (rather long-winded) point I'm making is, if they're going to force quests on you without giving you a choice whether to accept it or not, they should at least let you kill the questgiver (a la Destroy the Dark Brotherhood!), or give you some way of getting rid of it without having to go through the whole quest, especially in faction-specific quests that don't necessarily pertain to your current character style. Not a huge deal, I'm still going to get the next game, blah blah, but does it annoy anyone else, or is it just my own OCD-ishness?
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User Info: Weejiez

4 years ago#2
I agree with you 100% because I have some form of OCD when it comes to Skyrim. I need to clear my quest journal of all quests or else it will bother me to no end until I do. I cant stand having quests pending forever.

This is the reason why my warrior characters just avoid Riften altogether. Either that or I cancel the dialogue with Brynjolf and spend the rest of my stay running away from him.
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User Info: IamI3rian

4 years ago#3
Sounds like you guys have a problem.
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User Info: Nepharen

4 years ago#4
To ignore Brynolf: when he first approaches and begins to speak, hit the cancel button. If done correctly he'll return to where he was standing and will now wait for you to initiate the conversation. No entry will be in your journal.

To skip the college of winterhold: enter through the cave going to the midden. There's another thread that talks about this.

To skip the companions: don't talk to Aela near Pelagius farm and don't ask about rumors in the bannered mare.

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  3. My biggest annoyance....

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